Domo's Eagles-Saints Dissection

Eagles head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Michael Vick. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Some facts and figures on the Eagles and Monday night’s 28-13 loss to the Saints:

--For the second straight week, Michael Vick struggled against the blitz. He completed just 4 of 12 passes for 96 yards and was sacked three times when the Saints sent extra rushers after him. Seventy-seven of those 96 yards came on his 77-yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson. His first-quarter interception off the hand of tight end Brent Celek, which was returned 99 yards for a touchdown by the Saints’ Patrick Robinson, also came against a blitz.

In the last two games, Vick is just 10-for-27 for 165 yards with one touchdown, one interception and five sacks against the blitz. That’s a 55.3 passer rating. In the previous three games, he had a 126.1 rating against the blitz, completing 28 of 43 passes for 400 yards, four TDs, no interceptions and four sacks.

Vick also was ineffective in the red zone against the Saints, completing just 2 of 11 passes for 6 yards on the Eagles’ five trips inside the New Orleans 20.

No, the offensive line didn’t do a very good job of protecting him. But as Andy Reid correctly pointed out Tuesday, he has to know when he’s got to get the ball out.

``If it’s a blitz, (we need to make sure) we get the ball out quickly and make sure we protect it when needed,’’ Reid said. ``We’re seeing some overload blitzes down there and some zero blitzes down in the red zone. It seems like a pretty common look for most defenses down there. You either see ``Cover 4’’ or you see zero blitz. Against zero blitz, you have to know that one man can’t be taken care of. The ball has to come out and the receivers need to be aware of that and the quarterback needs to be aware of that.’’



--The Eagles’ 447 net offensive yards against the Saints was the second most of the season, surpassed only by 486 in their Week 2 win over the Ravens. Yet, thanks to an 0-for-5 performance in the red zone, they managed to score just 13 poings. That’s a pitiful 2.9 points per 100 yards. The Saints averaged 7.5 points per 100 yards Monday.

--Since converting both of their red-zone opportunities against the Browns in Week 1, the Eagles are a dismal 8-for-25 in the red zone, including 0-for-5 Monday night.

-- Michael Vick completed just 2 of 11 passes for 6 yards in the red zone against the Saints. His first-quarter interception was his fourth red-zone turnover of the season. Two of his seven sacks Monday night came in the red zone. For the season, Vick is just 17-for-39 in the red zone.

--Five of Vick’s seven sacks came on second down Monday. Just three of his previous 20 sacks were on second down. Through the first eight games last year, the Eagles had only allowed 14 sacks.

--Vick completed 8 of 14 third-down passes for 81 yards. In the last two games, he’s just 10-for-20 on third down and has averaged a puny 4.5 yards per attempt.

--The Eagles have been outscored 47-7 in the first quarter this season. They haven’t scored on their first possession and have scored only once on their second possession. Four of their 19 turnovers have come on their first and second possessions.

--One hundred twenty-three of the Saints’ 140 rushing yards came on first down. They averaged 6.8 yards per carry on first down. For the season, the Eagles have allowed 4.4 yards per carry on first down.

--One hundred two of the Saints’ 140 rushing yards came in the second quarter, on just eight carries. The Eagles have given up 6.9 yards per carry in the second quarter this season.

--Eagles opponents have run the ball 90 times in the last three games. Twenty-one of those rushing attempts have gained eight or more yards.

--The Eagles gave up a 38-yard kickoff return to the Saints’ Travaris Cadet. That’s the ninth kickoff return of 36 or more yards against the Eagles this season.

--The Eagles haven’t had a kickoff return of longer than 31 yards all season.

--When Brandon Hughes recovered Cadet’s fumbled kickoff return at the New Orleans 22 in the third quarter, it was the first time the Eagles had started a drive in their opponents’ territory since Week 2. Just six of the Eagles’ 94 offensive possessions this season have started on the other side of the 50.

--The Eagles have scored just 13 touchdowns in eight games. Just two of those 13 TD drives have covered less than 66 yards, none since Week 2.