DeSean Jackson to the Redskins a 'done deal?'

(Matt Rourke/AP file photo)

According to Tim McManus of Birds 24/7, DeSean Jackson to the Washington Redskins is a "done deal," per a source close to Jackson. 

Jackson arrived at Dulles Airport yesterday and was greeted there by a group of Redskins and Eagles reporters. Last night, he was out with WR Pierre Garcon and CB DeAngelo Hall.

Jackson is scheduled to continue his visit in Washington on Tuesday, and could be a Redskin by the end of the day. If so, the Eagles will have to face him twice per season, making the decision to release him all the more risky. At a minimum, the obvious storylines for both Eagles-Redskins matchups this year will be set.

Acquisitions of high-profile Eagles have not worked out well in the past for the Skins. In 2002, Jeremiah Trotter signed a 7 year deal worth $36 million. He was gone two years later. In 2010, the Redskins traded 2nd and 4th round picks for Donovan McNabb. Donny Mac lasted just one year in DC.

Jackson, however, could be a tremendous fit within the Redskins' offense. He can stretch the defense and open up the underneath areas of the field for good players like Garcon, TE Jordan Reed, and RB Alfred Morris. Do the Eagles have the personnel in their secondary to cover him? They sure did struggle covering him in training camp last year.

Stay tuned.

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