Chip Kelly's press conference quotes

Philadelphia Eagles' head coach Chip Kelly speaks during a news conference before an NFL football organized team activity Thursday, May 29, 2014, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)


Q             Impressions the last couple of days, having the whole team here?
COACH KELLY:  Almost every single one has been here for the whole time.  So this isn't the start for us.  We started on [April] 21st.  It's really the first full time that we can go against the defense.
So impressed with their attitudes and impressed with their work ethic.  They know what we're trying to do.
What we're trying to do is just prepare to get better as a team every day.  There's not an opponent you're playing.  We're not putting in game plans.  We're not scheming.  It's just getting better.
But obviously being in year two there's a lot more familiarity with them.  So far so good.  I think they've been working extremely hard.
Q             How is Jeremy Maclin?  What's he been able to do so far?
COACH KELLY:  Doing everything.  Full go.  Been in every drill.  All three of those guys that were out, Jeremy, Arrelious Benn and Jason Phillips have been full go with everything we've done so far.
Q             What about Mark Sanchez?
COACH KELLY:  He's doing everything, too.  He's not limited at all.  I think I've got a little bit of protocol with him in terms of what he's doing in terms of warm‑ups.  But he hasn't missed anything from the throwing in phase two to what we've done in the last three days.
Q             You guys set team records last year in offense, pretty good offensively.  You’ve kind of revamped things, losing DeSean Jackson, losing Jason Avant, do you like where you guys are at right now having Jordan Matthews in there and another receiver in the draft as well and bringing in Darren Sproles, do you think this offense will be more explosive than last year?
COACH KELLY:  Good point.  We're exactly where we want to be for practice three and OTAs.  Excited about that.  I don't mean to be sarcastic, but we're not concerned right now in terms of where we're going to be in September and all that.
It's about acclimating the new guys that just got here in terms of learning the system.  For the guys that have been here for a year, been in the system for a year, it's how can we get better as an individual, how do I better job running that route.  Last year some of the guys were learning the routes, what it was called, how we do things.  Now it's really refining the techniques.  That's really what our goal is right now.
Q             You made a point, after you took Jordan Matthews, about how prepared he was when he came in, he looked at game films of you guys.  When you look at what he did when he first came out here, did you see that go from the room, where you watched him and in your discussions to on the field, has he picked up more than anybody else is really the question right now?
COACH KELLY:  I wouldn't say more than anybody else, because I think the other guys have too.  The beauty of how the system worked this year with the draft getting the rookies here the day after the draft, they had a week watching the older guys during phase two.  Then we had a rookie mini camp and another week in phase two before we started.  And so all four of those guys and the tight ends and the two running backs have really picked things up very quickly.  They worked extremely hard at it.
I think for a young group, they've come along.  Obviously it's the first real young group we had.  Last year everybody was young in terms of learning what we were doing.  But I'm impressed with all of those guys.
Q             Every time you're asked about depth chart questions, you said it's more of a seating chart because you didn't know the players very well.  But most of the players you know very well.  Do you have something set ‑‑ do you have some sort of idea who your first and second team are at this point as opposed to last year?
COACH KELLY:  I mean, Jason Peters and Nick Foles and Jason Kelce and those guys.  But we're running as many reps as we can so we can get it on tape and teach them.  So there's times I looked up yesterday and there was the third offensive line, all the young rookies in there and Darren Sproles with them.
It's not like why is Darren with that group.  It's just there's six running backs that [running backs coach] Duce [Staley] is running through and three sets of O-lines.  And there will be times you'll see LeSean [McCoy] with the third group, with the first group.  It's not really a concern with anybody.  What we're trying to do:  Can we get a maximum number of reps in for everybody, because we have two full groups offensive, defensively.  Let's get things on tape to teach off of it but it's not a concern.  Obviously if we had to go play a game we know who is going to play right now.
Q             Can you notice like this game, your second game, just how far ahead you guys are compared to last year, when everything was thrown up for you guys?
COACH KELLY:  It's light years.  I think for all of our guys they understand what we're doing.  Every year, every day last year was a new insertion and it was a new play and it was the first time in the red zone, first time coming out, first time in two minute.
So all those things for the veterans have all already been in, they've understood them.  We've got a chance in the first, during phase two and rhythm to insert and do everything from that standpoint.  It was against air.  But it was obviously they've seen it, now we're spinning back and inserting it again.
But for all those guys, there's a lot more, just a better understanding of what we're doing.
Q             Can you talk about how practice is structured or days of practice?
COACH KELLY:  Just that we're going faster.  We're getting more reps off, more plays off because the guys have a better understanding of the mechanics of it.  But the basic structure of how we're doing things is the same.  And our teaching in terms of how we want to train on the field, we have an understanding when it's a full‑speed drill and when it's a teach period and all that.
But I think we're getting more snaps off in teams on seven on sevens just because our guys are more comfortable with how we want to operate.
Q             How impressed have you been with Malcolm Jenkins coming here grasping a lot of information quickly and assuming the leadership role from what I'm told?
COACH KELLY:  He's been outstanding.  I think he's an extremely intelligent football player and that obviously showed just from the first day we got a chance to get on the field with them.
He's played multiple positions before in this league.  So he understands the stress on the corners and what that is.  I think sometimes for a safety, you can explain that to them.  He's actually played it and understands it really well.
And Billy [Davis] has been excited about them, when you've watched them out there, it feels like he's been in the system for a while.  Good understanding.  The only thing for Malcolm being able to communicate.  You called it like this in New Orleans.  We called it like this.  He's picked it up quickly.
Q             How has Brandon Graham looked now as opposed to last year when he started to run everything you've asked him?
COACH KELLY:  The same as everybody in year two.  No different from Nick Foles or anybody else.  There's a familiarity.  Knows hat he's doing, where he's going.
For all the guys that have been here for a year, now it's year two, it's the refinement of techniques, being deliberate in terms of what you need to work on, not just hey I know I line up here.  It's I line up here.  This is where my hand placement is.  This is where my first step is going.
Q             Any difference to Nick and the way that he's carrying himself or practicing now that he's kind of the man?
COACH KELLY:  The great thing about Nick, what you love about him it's the same thing we preach is that he knows he's never going to arrive.  I think it's a great trait to have some guys get to where they want a job, and now they kind of kick their feet up and they go on cruise control and that's not him.
He's continuing to improve on the little things.  He's obviously got a very good understanding what we're doing.
But again, just like I said with Brandon, it's the technical and the teeny things, the deliberate things we're trying to get done.  Instead of going out this is seven on seven, this is what I'm working on specifically today, this part of seven on seven and he's really good at it and you can see his command of what we're doing.
Q             What about the film of Matt Barkley throwing, do you see a big difference between this time as opposed to last year at this time?
COACH KELLY:  A big difference, no.  I think his arm strength has improved but it hasn't been a big difference.  It wasn't like he couldn't throw when he was here last year.
Q             For Foles, it seems in college you were always just a couple years away from another guy back there.
COACH KELLY:  In this league, a couple years away from another guy, too.
Q             I think in your hopes you would hope that it's Foles ‑‑
COACH KELLY:  With the quarterback specifically, I mean, I've said it all along you better have two.  Because there's not many that make it through an entire season.  You look at Aaron Rodgers.  Peyton Manning missed it a year ago.  Tom Brady missed a year.  In terms of where Nick is in year two, he's more comfortable.  I think you can sense it when you see him out on the field.
Q             That doesn't change anything that you're doing that you know you've got that kind of a quarterback, quarterback doesn't necessarily run for speed or anything?
COACH KELLY:  No, we're going to run the same offense we ran when Nick was in there last year.
Q             What does Foles need to do this off‑season to get better than where he was last year?
COACH KELLY:  Just everything.  He needs to get better at footwork.  Needs to get better at reads.  Needs to get better at delivering the football on time, needs to get better at giving command.  It's not a knock on him.  It's every single guy out there.
Like I said earlier, there's not one guy, if they said right now ‘I got it’, then they’re in trouble.  It doesn't matter if you're an outside linebacker or nose tackle, quarterback, whatever, everybody can constantly improve, coaching staff and everybody can do a better job in terms of preparing for things.  That's the great thing about Nick.  That's the same attitude he has.
Q             How do you feel about any time Jordan Matthews might miss this week?
COACH KELLY:  He misses today.  That's it.  We don't have anything tomorrow or the weekend and he'll be back on Monday.
Q             Two of your second‑year guys added weight significantly.  Bennie Logan and Lane Johnson are bigger this year around.  Is that based off their size measurements and how well you think they can move, is that the optimum size for them?
COACH KELLY:  We knew both of those guys could gain a little bit.  But I don't know specifically how much either have gained in terms of ‑‑
Q             It was like ten pounds.
COACH KELLY:  I don't have those figures.  But I know the two of them are extremely hard workers.  So it's about putting your time in.  I think Lane's obviously new to being an offensive lineman, hasn't been ‑‑ kind of just kept growing over the years.  So that was kind of it's natural I think for some of those guys.  So we'll see.
Q             The safety spot next to Malcolm, what have you seen from Earl Wolff and Nate Allen and what's the expectation there?
COACH KELLY:  Nate's the first guy up.  And Earl is in running with the second group right now.  And both have done a great job in the off‑season program.  We're excited to see those guys play it out.
Q             Have you paid much attention to what happened in Dallas, the ACL injury with Sean Lee, do you have to be extra careful because of that?
COACH KELLY:  We all have the same rules.  The toughest part is for the offensive and defensive lines to learn how to cooperate and practice the right way.  And we talk about it all the time.  When you're not in full pads you really truly have to understand that there's got to be some, hey, we got fit up here, we've got to let it go.
It's not as competitive as training camp will be, and nor should it be.  And it's a real unfortunate ‑‑ and I think he's one of the top linebackers in this league.  The first game we played against them, he had a pick, 11 tackles, pass deflected.
He's a tremendous football player.  It's just an unfortunate incident for him.  And you don't want anybody ‑‑ you don't want to see anybody get hurt, no matter who it is, whether it's on your team or another team.  It's tough.
We all are governed by the same rules and we emphasize it all the time.  The biggest thing is we can't be on the ground.  When you're on the ground, bad things happen.  And obviously there was a real unfortunate incident with Sean.
Q             Both Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham were mentioned in possible trade rumors.  Did you say anything to them?  Is it worth it?
COACH KELLY:  No, if I had to talk to our guys every time I read something wrong, I wouldn't be able to diagram a play.
Q             How is Jeremy Maclin progressing so far?
COACH KELLY:  Mac's doing fantastic.  One of the things I loved about all three of those guys [Maclin, Benn and Phillips] is every single day in the offseason last year, or in season last year, they were here, we have them.  They got right to it immediately after the surgery.  All three guys are cleared, full go out there.  You'll see them running around.  And Mac's doing a really good job, just getting back familiar with it.
I was really excited about how he would fit into what we do because of what he can do.  And then to lose him that early in camp was disappointing.  You got a taste of him.  But having him out there full speed running out there right now, he's doing a really good job.
Q             Does he project to be the No. 1 guy at that position or does that matter?
COACH KELLY:  Doesn't matter.  Hes the No. 1 guy today.
Q             There was a report in March that Evan Mathis wanted to re-do his contract.  Have you talked to him about that?
COACH KELLY:  Have I?  No.
Q             Where does that stand?
COACH KELLY:  Evan's here.  As I said, when we were at the Owners meetings, I hope everybody gets paid a ton of money.  But I don't think ‑‑ the one great thing about Evan, he's a professional.  That doesn't affect him, been here every single day.  He's not missed a day in the voluntary offseason program.  Obviously one of our hardest workers.  He's been fantastic when we've been around him.
Q             You basically four new receivers, if you include Sproles into that--
COACH KELLY:  Sproles is not a receiver.
Q             As a receiving option, then --
COACH KELLY:  All of our running backs are all receiving options.  I just clarified that.  Everyone thinks Darren Sproles is a receiver.  He's a running back and a really, really talented running back.
Q             In terms of the receivers then, is this a feeling‑out period?  You know what Maclin can essentially do, but the new guys, is that what you spend these next few weeks, seeing what they can do in terms of your offense, how they can fit into that?
COACH KELLY:  We're just running as many plays as we can throwing those guys in there.  And I look at it as we have two new receivers, [Josh] Huff and Matthews, but the other guys have all been here.
Q             Do you see Brandon Graham as a fit in this defense going forward?
COACH KELLY:  Yeah, I think he obviously has the skill set to rush the passer and set the edge.  And when he's been in there, he's been productive.  The issue is that the other guy's really productive, too.
How many times can you get them all on the field together?  If you put Brandon in, do you take Trent [Cole] out; if you put Brandon in, do you take Connor [Barwin] out?  It's really the pecking order.  I think both our depth at outside linebacker, we've added to it by adding Marcus Smith and Bryan Braman.  But I feel confident we're better at that position right now than we were a year ago because of who we added.
Q             Is Brandon's size what you would look for in that spot?
COACH KELLY:  Ideally I would want someone 6'11" that weighs 400 pounds.  So he's a little bit under that.