Chip: We'll see who takes reps Tuesday

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

Eagles coach Chip Kelly said he wants to see Michael Vick on the field tomorrow and get a sense for his mobility before Kelly decides which quarterback will take first-team reps in the first practice, as the Eagles prepare for this coming Sunday's visit from the New York Giants.

Last week, Vick didn't seem all that close to being 100 percent from the hamstring injury he suffered in the previous meeting with the Giants, Oct. 7. But with Nick Foles having suffered a concussion in the Dallas loss Sunday -- Kelly confirmed the diagnosis Monday -- the starter this week will be either Vick or rookie Matt Barkley, who threw three interceptions and looked overmatched in his first NFL action, after Foles went down.

Kelly said the threshold for Vick feeling good enough to play isn't changed by an injury to Foles, but you have to wonder how true that really is. It would seem that if there isn't a significant chance of making the hamstring worse, a hobbled Vick might be a better option than an unprepared Barkley, who hasn't gotten significant first-team reps since the spring.

"I'm not gonna put Mike out there if Mike can't be productive," Kelly said.

Kelly repeated his contention that Foles "was off" against Dallas, when he completed 11 of 29 passes for just 80 yards, failing to take advantage of the defense's best effort of the season against a high-powered Cowboys offense.

After watching the tape, Kelly couldn't explain why Foles held the ball and missed wide-open receivers. He noted that he hasn't been able to watch film with Foles, or get his perspective on what happened.

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Asked if Vick is the starter when healthy -- something that seems pretty obvious at the moment -- Kelly refused to alter his stance that health is the determining factor, and he can't answer without knowing whether Vick is healthy. The concern here would seem to be that if you say Vick's the starter, you accentuate the fact that you're playing without your best QB until he returns. Remember, a week ago, the Eagles were all talking about how lucky they were to have two QBs so close in ability.

On the broadcast of the game, it was noted that Foles was limping. Kelly said that was because he got kicked in the knee, not because of the groin problem that appeared briefly on the injury report before the Tampa game.