Chip Kelly: We never look at clock

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Turns out Andy Reid and Chip Kelly have something in common after all.

"We never look at the clock," Kelly told reporters Thursday. In fairness, the Eagles' first-year coach was talking about playcalling in his hurryup mode, not, say, how he would approach driving down the field in the waning minutes of, oh, I don't know, the Super Bowl.

"The only time we would look at the clock is if the playclock was running down and we've got to get something in," Kelly said in his last session with reporters before Sunday's home opener against the San Diego Chargers. "We don't have a set time, as far as, 'it's got to be snapped in this.' ... That's not how our minds work. We're not playing fast for the sake of playing fast, we're trying to make the appropriate call for down and distance  the hashmark ... I could call plays rapid-fire, but if we're on the 1-yard line, I'm not going to call four verticals, because there's only 1 yard to go. You try to assimilate from where we are on the field, how far in the game, it's third-and-7, we're on the left hash, through our process of where we are in the game itself, how we're going to call plays and so on."

Kelly said the Eagles don't script the first 15 plays, as Reid did, but "we script all our situations, so we have first-down calls, second-down calls, third-and-short, third-and-long, red zone calls."

Other highlights:

*Kelly said there was no update RE corner Bradley Fletcher and the NFL's concussion protocols. He said Fletcher would not practice today.

*Kelly said "we understand how the game is going to be played," in the wake of the Eagles' 263-yard rushing effort against the Redskins, but if a defense takes away one thing, the Eagles have to be able to go to something else.

*Asked about quarterback Michael Vick seemingly not embracing the coaches' calls for him to put himself in harm's way less, Kelly said: "Mike is honest," and that he reacts naturally on the field, when he sees a chance to block, or so on. "We're not actively saying" we want Vick to block on sweeps.

*Not one for loose trend talk, Kelly shot down an observation about how much offense dominated Week 1 across the league. "It was 1 week. That's my theory," he said. Kelly said if there are 3 shutouts this week, everyone will be talking about how the defenses have caught up. "I don't think you can gain any statistical trends or knowledge or help from one week."

*Kelly isn't looking at all the stuff on the internet attempting to dissect his offense. "The only people I'm worrying about dissecting our offense is the Chargers," he said. "I don't have any time to figure out if 'Joe Anderson's' thought process on what we're doing on third and 1 is (correct). But if it's right, I may call him."