Chip Kelly's Post-Game Press Conference

The transcript from Chip Kelly’s post-game press conference after Friday night’s 42-35 preseason loss to the Patriots:

(on Nick Foles’ performance) I thought Nick bounced back. Unfortunately, the first play of the game we fumbled and couldn’t get them off the field. It took a while to get into rhythm, but I thought when he got back out there, I was pleased with how he performed and how he moved those guys down the field a little bit. It’s better obviously than the Chicago game in terms of his and the whole first group’s performance.

(more on his team’s overall performance) Overall, I was just really disappointed in the turnovers and the penalties. We really need to clean that up if we’re going to win any football games.

(defense) We need to generate a better pass rush and I think our defensive line has got to do a better job in terms of what their rush-contains are. The one play with (quarterback Ryan) Mallett where Marcus (Smith) made a nice play and flushed him up in the pocket. But we had nobody on that side containing the quarterback and we let the quarterback scramble in for a touchdown.

We used a lot of different combinations. We tried to get some guys in with the ones because we wanted to see them work. We had a lot of different rotations going on just so we could see if we could get some guys evaluated on film.

But we do need to get a better pass rush, especially when you’re playing somebody the caliber of Tom.

(on the penalties) Those are the rules. We’ve got to play by them. Whoever ends up being the most disciplined team in this league is going to win. But the rules aren’t going to change. That’s what I told those guys in the locker room. We had 10, they had 11.

I don’t think tomorrow or on Sunday Roger (Goodell) is going to say we’re going to change it (the rules). We’ve got to not get our hands in people’s face and we have to understand that after five yards it’s illegal contact. And if you can’t play within the rules you can’t play in this league. That’s the bottom line. You’re just handing people first downs. We better figure it out.

(do you have to adjust how you teach?) We don’t teach that. We don’t teach our guys to grab receivers after five yards down the field. If that becomes your go-to move and that’s what you have to do, then you can’t play. You gotta figure that out. And we never teach anybody to strike anybody in the face.

We have to understand that that’s going to be called and we have to fix it. You don’t have to agree with the speed limit. But if the cop is out there with the speed gun, you better take your foot off the gas or he’s going to pull you over. That’s the bottom line. The rules are the rules and we gotta follow them.

(Jordan Matthews’ performance)

I’m happy with Jordan’s performance today. He was just a little overexcited (against the Bears) playing in his first NFL football game. The Jordan we’ve seen in practice is the Jordan you kind of saw today. I think he had nine targets, nine catches. Did a good job with the run after the catch. The same thing that we’ve seen when we’ve been in our training session at the NovaCare is what we saw tonight. He’s just such an emotional guy and plays at such a high level that I think he was just a little too ramped up against Chicago. I’m glad with what we saw tonight.

(Mark Sanchez’s performance) With his performance in the Chicago game and his performance tonight, he’s made us feel really comfortable about the quarterback position. He’s getting stronger. He’s really comfortable in what we’re doing. He’s got a really good feel for playing quarterback. We’ve been really happy with him so far.

(problems on third down) We’re not getting to the quarterback. We’ve got to do a better job of creating pressure on the quarterback.

(Curtis marsh’s struggles) He obviously didn’t have a very good night. But he had been playing well. He had really upped his game from a year ago. Tonight, he gave up a couple of touchdowns and had a couple of penalties against him. We’ll see. We’ll watch film with him and keep coaching him. He’s a competitor. We’ll see how he responds and bounces back in the Steelers game.

(how productive was the week of practices with the Patriots?) It was very productive. Any time two teams that think alike, what we wanted to get accomplished on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and what Bill (Belichick) wanted to get accomplished, both of us were really happy with the whole week.

How our teams get along, it’s physical at the point of attack. The offensive and defensive lines had a lot of really good work this week. And then when you get a chance to go 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 against Tom (Brady) and his receivers, a lot of teaching can go on there. There’s still a ton of film that we need to watch with our guys so we can point out things. But it was really good for us to go against them.

We saw a lot of 3-4 in practice this week. We’ll see a lot of it against the Steelers next week. We thought the week was really, really successful.

(on the possibility of getting Vinny Curry more playing time) He had it tonight. So we’ll evaluate that. We wanted to get Vinny in with the ones and see how productive he could be. So we’ll go back as a staff and look at it and see how productive he was.

(on Foles not getting much preseason work with his two starting wide receivers) That’s the way it is when guys get injured. You just have to play with who you got. We anticipate both of those guys being out there on Sunday from what I understand. Riley definitely will be out there on Sunday and Mac said he felt good tonight. So we’ll see how it goes. We’ll never complain about injuries. People get injured in this game. If they’re not up, somebody else has to be ready to go.

(negatives tonight) The negatives obviously were the turnovers and the penalties. You gotta clean that up. You’re not going to win a lot of football games if you have four turnovers and double-digit penalties. That’s something we obviously need to work on.

(positives tonight) We blocked a punt, so that was a positive. I thought we ran the ball better, especially with the second group. Henry Josey got a chance to get in and play and was productive. I thought our quarterback play was better. I know there was one throw Mark wants back. Matt’s interception, you really can’t fault him for that. He put it right where it needed to be. It bounced off our guy and goes up in the air and it was intercepted.

(Alex Henery missing a 47-yard field goal in second quarter) He’s been really good in training camp. But you have to make 47-yarders in this league.

(on putting Marcus Smith and Travis Long in the game in the first half and Brandon Graham in the second half) Just trying to take a look at guys and see what they could do. Trying to take a look at different guys with different groups and seeing how they perform. It’s no different than Vinny getting a lot of snaps with the ones. Sometimes you look at guys and they’re productive, but who were they productive against? And then, does it change when you put them in (against better players)? Sometimes it’s not apples to apples. It’s apples to oranges because he did a really good job but he was in with the twos and the threes. What’s he going to be like when he goes in with the ones.

(are you confident in Henery?) Yeah, I’m confident in Alex. But again, we’ve got to convert in games too. I’ve been really excited with him in practice and I think he’s work on some things with coach Fipp in terms of placing kickoffs better.

(on wide receiver B.J. Cunningham) I think he’s just been solid. He hasn’t been a standout where he’s flashed and we’re saying hey we gotta do this, this and this with him. But I think he’s a solid guy. He’s obviously fighting for the back end of that wide receiver spot in there. A lot of that will be determined by how he fits in from a special teams standpoint. But I think he’s been solid so far.

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