Celek: Eagles to gather with Vick next week

“When you come back (from the lockout) you want to be on your game," Brent Celek said. (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

Update: Eagles quarterback Michael Vick confirmed that the Eagles will meet for some drills next week. Vick said about 15 players may attend.

From earlier: A group of Eagles plan to get together next week to run routes and catch passes from quarterback Michael Vick, tight end Brent Celek said Friday.

“That’s something that’s going to be huge for us, just keeping the timing down,” Celek said in an appearance on ProFootballTalk.com. “When you come back (from the lockout) you want to be on your game, otherwise there’s going to be a lot of bad football out there.”

Several teams, including the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins have held informal work outs during the lockout, though the value of the often-loosely run sessions is suspect. At some teams’ work outs, more media have showed up than players. In many cases, only a few players participated.

Celek didn’t say how many Eagles might show up next week. He said the group would mostly consist of receivers and running backs. Celek, though, took a shot at players who have boasted about enjoying the free time afforded by the lockout.

“If guys are out there partying all the time, that’s fine with me because that just allows me to get ahead,” Celek said. “I’m working out here with a bunch of my teammates and we’re getting better every week.”

Addressing one of the big questions of the Eagles offseason, Celek said he hopes the Eagles backup gets a chance to start somewhere next season.

“Kevin’s a great quarterback and he deserves to play somewhere,” Celek said, calling Kolb “a great friend.” The two room together at training camp.

He also expressed frustration at the media sniping between owners and players as the lockout lingers.

“It’s (ticking) the fans off and the fans are who pay the bills. If you (tick) those guys off you’re going to start hurting the sport,” Celek said. “Just sit in a room, get it done and tell us when it’s over.”