Braylon Edwards for Sheldon Brown: The Making of a Rumor

I was minding my own business in the gym, going through the usual routine of dropping the weights on my feet and trying to figure out why the shuffle songs feature on the iPod kept playing "Cold As Ice" every other selection, when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "So, Braylon Edwards straight up for Sheldon Brown, huh?"

Actually, he had to say it twice. I missed it the first time because Foreigner was turned up too loud and every time I try to turn it down, I end up changing the song instead, so I just leave it where it is.

Blog Image 434824 - FORD

The way he said it, I assumed that deal had just been announced. "Really. They did that?"

"Not yet, but I read it on one of those blogs that it had a good chance of happening."

Oh. Unless it is Brookie's "Birds Eye View" blog or that blog produced by the combined forces of our subsidiary edition, the Daily News, I don't put a lot of faith in the substance of what is out there.

It's interesting, though, to find out how some of these rumors get going. The Eagles certainly had some interest and inquired about the availability of Edwards before the draft. Since then, there is little indication of any sustained interest in the receiver who is apparently very unhappy in Cleveland. Here are the career stats for Braylon Edwards.

The rumor of a trade for Sheldon Brown apparently started with a mailbag question to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, one of the best, most-informed NFL writers in the country and a guy with very good sources particularly within the Browns' organization.

The question was whether a straight-up swap of the two players was a possibility, since both are looking for new scenery.

Grossi wrote: "Quite frankly, the trade you propose is ridiculous. Edwards is a first-round offensive playmaker who hasn't touched his potential yet. Brown is an average cornerback approaching 30."

Seems a bit of a harsh assessment of Brown, but otherwise there's not a lot there that would lead one to think Cleveland would jump at that trade offer.

Still, just the mention of the two names together in a publication somewhere was enough to start a chain reaction that led to rumors, blog postings and the like. Post Patterns is proud to be part of the process.

Now, how about Sheldon for Anquan Boldin?