Is End Near? Bradley Gets 2nd Interview

Gus Bradley, Seattle's defensive coordinator, is set to interview with the Eagles. (Getty Images)

The Eagles Monday night confirmed that Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley is coming in Tuesday for a second interview to be the team's head coach, amid signs that the process could be near a conclusion, with Bradley the front-runner.

Bradley, 46, led the Seattle defense to a first-place ranking in points allowed and fourth place in yards. He spoke with Eagles officials Saturday in Atlanta, the day before the Seahawks' 30-28 playoff loss to the Falcons.

Bradley will be the first of the 11 identified Eagles candidates to be brought back for a second interview, and many people around the league, including players, expect him to be hired to succeed Andy Reid.


Is Gus Bradley the right choice for the Eagles?

“He’s the best teacher I’ve ever been around,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said this season. “He’s so thorough, so thoughtful, and he’ll go to such lengths to find ways to make sense of the information so the guys can understand it in practical ways.

“It doesn’t matter how good we teach. It’s how well they learn. I think that connection is really clear with Gus. He’s great at it.”