Birds' first two preseason games on the road

Fans at Lincoln Financial Field only had a few moments of celebration during the Eagles' loss to the Chiefs. (Clem Murray/Staff Photographer)

The 2014 Eagles will play two preseason games before fans get to see them at Lincoln Financial Field.

The NFL announced preseason schedules Wednesday, minus dates and times. The Eagles will kick off 2014 in Chicago, then play their second outing at New England. That game is expected to be accompanied by joint Patriots-Eagles practices, as was the case last season, only those were at NovCare and these, of course, will be in Massachusetts.

The third week of the preseason, the Eagles host the Steelers, before continuing the tradition like no other, a preseason finale against the Jets contested largely by guys who aren't going to make either roster. The teams like this matchup, because they are close geographically but in different conferences, so playing doesn't tip anything off to a key rival. They have played 14 of the past 15 years. This year there's a little quarterbacking spice added by the possibility of the Jets' Michael Vick facing the Eagles' Mark Sanchez.

The opener will be contested somewhere between Aug. 7-10, and the ensuing games will each be roughly a week after one another, with preseason play wrapping up Aug. 28.

The regular-season schedule is expected to be announced in a few weeks.