Birds at Browns, What to Watch

Nick Foles will start at quarterback for the Eagles in Friday's game against the Browns. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

Three Things to Watch in Friday night's Eagles at Browns preseason game:

1. Nick Foles: First start, first exposure to somebody else’s defensive starters. A big test as the third-round rookie quarterback seeks to become the backup to Michael Vick.

2. The defense: Starters will play the first quarter, Andy Reid said. One more chance to allay some fears, get off the field on third down, not get totally snookered by a screen pass. Really would be nice to see these guys do that stuff they keep talking about doing.

3. Trent Edwards: The veteran QB came into camp with no chance of making the team. Mike Kafka’s injury might have opened the door a crack. Edwards really has done well in two games, given very limited practice reps. Like Foles, he get a chance to take a big step tonight, though it needs to be said that the coaches seem to like Kafka a lot more than the fans do.

-- Les Bowen