A Reversal on Boldin

If you're like I am, you can't go more than a few hours without checking out the Twitter feed of super agent Drew Rosenhaus. I give the guy credit for consistency. Either he's tweeting non-stop or some poor schlub in his office has to do so.

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Rosenhaus caused a little stir in Arizona this week with this post about receiver Anquan Boldin:

"Reports that Anquan Boldin is seeking a contract worth $10 million per yr are inaccurate. We recently made a proposal to the Cards for less."

Instead of waiting for the trade Rosenhaus said he expected, the agent has apparently decided that getting a deal from the Cards is the best option.

Is that a response to some of the statements made by Andy Reid this week, to the effect that the Eagles looked into aquiring Boldin but decided that -- regardless of their public statements -- the Cardinals were not interested in moving the receiver. Anyway, not for the paltry offer they got from the Eagles.

When DR says "less" than $10 million a year, he could mean $9,999,999 a year, however.

Kent Somers, the very connected beat writer of the Arizona Republic, chased the story and found a source (probably, but not certainly within the team) that said "the (proposed) deal averaged just under $10 million per season."

You can read the story here, and don't miss the comments section. They're big fans of DR out in the desert, too.