A pair of Eagles players fight for the second consecutive day

Eagles rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews. (Matt Smith/The Express-Times/AP)

For the second consecutive day at Eagles training camp, a pair of Eagles fought at the end of a play. On Sunday, it was LeSean McCoy vs. Trent Cole. On Monday, Jeremy Maclin and Bradley Fletcher squared off and threw haymakers at each other. Interestingly, not only are all of those players locks to make the team, they're all currently first team veterans. 

Before practice on Monday, Chip Kelly likened football practice fights to little kids throwing temper tantrums.

"Yeah, their emotions got the better part of them," said Kelly. "Those things happen. It's no different than sometimes little kids don't get along very well and throw Tonka trucks at each other. I (think) the fact that it made SportsCenter must have meant it's the world's slowest sports day, I can tell you that. That two kids push each other in practice somewhere... It’s not a real big deal."

Not a big deal?!? Did Chip not go to grade school? Where I grew up, if a fight was brewing, somebody yelled "FIIIIIGGGGGHHHT!!!!!!" Everyone within earshot immediately stopped what they were doing and watched. Is that not what it was like growing up in Manchester, New Hampshire, Chip? Because we were far less mature down here in the Philly suburbs.

Eagles CB Cary Williams is no stranger to fights. Here he is fighting Jeremy Maclin during a game in 2012:

Here he is fighting the Patriots' Julian Edelman:

Here he is shoving an official during the Super Bowl:

And during training camp last year, Williams had two incidents. He fought Riley Cooper, and was ejected from joint practices with New England for fighting a Patriots wide receiver. Unsurprisingly, Williams likes the Eagles' recent chippiness.

"I’m glad, to be honest with you," said Williams. "We’re not supposed to be friendly. When you come out here to camp, it’s ‘no friends,’ although you can try to look out for your brother. You’re fighting for jobs, fighting for opportunities, and when those situations arise, especially defenders man, you gotta let them know that we ain’t having that. We want to be the most physical defense we possibly can (be). That’s been showing up these last two days, and if it’s up to me, I think that’s normal. I don’t think you’re supposed to go through camp with no fights, in my opinion. Those are supposed to happen."

Whenever football fights occur, the question about whether it hurts the hand of the puncher more than the helmet-protected punchee always seems to arise. An expert like Williams was able to offer insight. "You’re not swinging to hurt the guy," explained Williams. "They got on helmets man, you gotta understand how to protect him, how to protect yourself. If you break your hand in a (football) fight, you gotta be a complete idiot."

Williams also offered his take on today's fight. Williams noted with a laugh, "I think (Fletcher) gave (Maclin) some body shots on that play. To be honest with you, that’s kind of messed up. You know (Maclin) wasn’t expecting that, but it’s all in good fun. We’re out here competing. It’s a great time, and you’re going to have those skirmishes. That’s a part of practice. Maclin wasn’t going to back down either, and that’s great. We got physicality on both sides of the ball. 

"As soon as we get off the field, we’re buddy-buddy. You can’t take this into the locker room or into the next day."

When asked if he's surprised that there have been two fights, and neither involved him, Williams smiled and said, "Oh mine's coming."

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