Sunday, April 26, 2015


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There's a picture of Byron Jones at Connecticut's pro day, surrounded by the Eagles' brain trust of evaluators.
The Eagles decided Friday their backfield was too crowded for running back Chris Polk.
The Eagles are days away from their first draft with Chip Kelly making final decisions.
Paul Domowitch: If Chip Kelly has said it once, he's said it a thousand times. Big people beat up little people.
“We're not into wasting time,” Ed Marynowitz said. “We're not into smokescreens."
Three days after signing Tim Tebow, the Eagles yesterday finally got around to commenting.
What they need: Certainly could use a promising youngster at an important position.
Jeff McLane: Ed Marynowitz said he went to Chip Kelly and offered his support.
the Eagles' new vice president of player personnel said he will not be Kelly's "yes man" in his new post.
The new vice president for player personnel says he'll work in collaboration with Chip Kelly.
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