Friday, December 26, 2014


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The shelf life for running backs is shorter than it is for other players, and LeSean McCoy knows it.
LeSean McCoy says it's 'tough' knowing Eagles won't make the playoffs, says he thinks he has productive years ahead.
Bob Ford: The Eagles' destiny was set by events in March, May and November.
Superb midseason stretch leads nearly 70 percent of Daily News readers to put him atop their ballot.
Giants have shown some life lately, and they probably haven't forgotten about the beating they got from the Eagles.
Chip Kelly's evaluation of Nick Foles will determine the Eagles quarterback situation moving forward.
Chip Kelly called those of his players who made the Pro Bowl, and those who didn't.
Pat Shurmur and Jeremy Maclin acknowledge that turning the ball over proved fatal to Eagles' playoff chances.
Mike Sielski: Drafted in the first round with the 26th overall pick in May, he has played just 74 snaps.
Over a year and a half later, Chip Kelly remains a mystery to most.
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