Eagles coach Chip Kelly talks tempo and turnovers

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Chip Kelly said Thursday his emphasis on offensive tempo actually came from his days as a defensive back and then defensive coach early in his career.

Kelly said when he became offensive coordinator at New Hampshire, he knew tempo was what defenses "were hard pressed to handle, so why wouldn't you do something that was hard for defenses to handle, to try to get 'em out of their comfort zone?"

More and more NFL teams are going to hurryup attacks. Kelly said that opponents running high-tempo offenses won't faze his defense, which practices against such an approach every day.

"It's one of the unintended consequences, but it really helps."

Asked why his quarterbacks traditionally have had low interception totals, in college or last year in the NFL, Kelly said: "We bench 'em if they throw more than two."

More seriously, Kelly said he has been 'really fortunate that the guys (playing quarterback) really understood what we were trying to get accomplished ... we spend a lot of time on that."

Kelly unveiled a new acronym -- SIW for "self-inflicted wound," i.e. turning the ball overr.

Other snippets from Kelly's last media session before Sunday's season-opener:

*Asked his take on defensive coordinator Bill Davis calling safety Nate Allen "mentally tough," Kelly concurred.

"He's got a great demeanor about himself. He's one of those guys that you can just label 'professional.' He comes here every single day trying to get better. Nate's not a guy who has bad days. Sometimes you see a guy walking down the hall and all of a sudden his shoulders are slumping, something is bothering him or whatever -- Nate's that type of guy. He's come in here every single day with the mindset he's going to get better, and I've seen that from him. He's striving to constantly improve."

*He said Brad Smith "may be one of the better wide receiver-special teams players in the league." Kelly said that's what you want in a fourth receiver.

*Kelly said he ended up attending Ohio State-Navy last week "as a scout," after deciding to "jump in the car" with personnel vice president Tom Gamble.

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