Survey says: Eagles fans wildly optimistic

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles leans over to sign autographs for fans at training camp. (Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

Maybe it’s because they have abandoned the Phillies, the downspiraling Phillies. Maybe it’s because they cannot quite embrace the post-tanking Sixers. Or maybe it’s because they don’t know what to make of the Flyers because they never know what to make of the Flyers.

Whatever the reason, Philadelphia fans are wildly optimistic about the Eagles -- with an emphasis on the “wildly.”

That it is the main takeaway from last week’s Daily News Survey: Predicting the Eagles’ season. It wasn’t a scientific poll, but more than 14,000 votes were cast on the eight questions, so it wasn’t nothing, either. 

And to say that Eagles fans are expecting big things from Chip Kelly in the 2014 season does not begin to describe the expectations of the people who answered our questions.

Overall record: 87.5 percent of survey respondents said the Eagles would have at least 10 wins this season. The plurality, 39.5 percent, said the team would win 11 games.

Defensive improvement: 92 percent believe that the Eagles’ defense, which allowed 23.9 points per game last season, will be stingier this year.

Division record: 96.8 percent of respondents said that the Eagles’ record in the NFC East would be 4-2 or better.

These are the kinds of electoral numbers that would make even Vladimir Putin blush. To see the rest of the survey results -- or to cast a late ballot -- click here.