LeSean McCoy has problem with Knowshon Moreno, apparently

Knowshon Moreno has gained the ire of LeSean McCoy, for some reason. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Skip Bayless was trying to get people to pay attention to him by not giving Peyton Manning primary credit for the destruction of the Cowboys Sunday, but wound up getting out-trolled by LeSean McCoy, who responded to his tweet about Denver's Knowshon Moreno thusly:

There's no clarity yet as to why Shady has an issue with Moreno (Moreno, when asked, had no idea why McCoy would say it) but we'll need a narrative to come from this, so NFL.com is on it

Let's just count ourselves lucky that this did not evolve into a feared "Twitter beef" that so haunts this generation.

UPDATE: #ThatClearsThatUp #IGuess #Whatever