Kelly still not close to naming his starting qB

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Chip Kelly met with reporters Saturday after the team’s practice at the Linc. Some of the highlights of his 15 ½-minute briefing:

--He still is not ready to select a season-opening starting quarterback and doesn’t really know when he will be.

“What I’ve learned is you don’t want to rush anything,’’ Kelly said. “You want to take (the time) available to you and see how it plays itself out. That’s what we did when I was at Oregon.

“At Oregon, our quarterbacks never got hit (in the preseason). The first time Marcus Mariota got hit was in the opening game against Arkansas State. Same with Darron Thomas. The first time he got hit was opening game against new Mexico. So it was a little different than this.

“We’re going through the process. We know we have a little bit of time here. We’ll go through the process and look at how it’s going to express itself. Get back (to the NovaCare Complex) and watch today’s tape. We put a lot of new situations in. Put some new things in today. See how they handled that.’’

--He and his staff will decide all of the particulars about next Saturday’s preseason game against Jacksonville, including who will be the starting quarterback and how long the starters will play, on Monday, which is an off day for the players.

“Today and Sunday, we’re doing a lot of situational work,’’ Kelly said. “That’ll go on again tomorrow. Then we’ll sit down on Monday and put together what our plan is for the Jacksonville game.’’

--Asked what else he needs to know about Michael Vick and Nick Foles before he can make a decision on a season-opening starter, he said, “I can’t give you a sound bite of a couple of seconds of, ‘This is what we’re looking for.’ There are so many different factors that go into it. Leadership, play-selection, ability to face adversity and bounce back, ability to stand in there versus a rush, ability to move the team no matter who (else is) in there. There’s so many different factors that go into it.’’

--Kelly said he has been very impressed with the play of offensive lineman Allen Barbre. Barbre has started the first two preseason games at left tackle because of injuries to Jason Peters and Dennis Kelly and may have earned himself a season-opening roster spot.

“Allen’s done a really nice job,’’ he said. When Dennis went down, that was a big question for all of us. Do we have another tackle? Obviously, with Lane (Johnson_ and Jason, we have two pretty good ones. But if those guys were to be out, who would be the next tackle?

“I think Allen, to us, has really solidified his situation with us from a depth standpoint. We knew he could play guard. But now to have a guy who’s a guard-tackle guy. Sometimes you got seven guys active on game day. You’re going to have to have somebody who has some versatility. That’s what we learned from him.

“Especially considering the circumstances. We just kind of threw him out there (at tackle). It wasn’t like he had taken a ton of reps there. In fact he had taken no reps in practice or in the spring. He’s been a pleasant surprise. Real tough guy. Real hard worker. It helps us with our depth up front.’’





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