NFL draft 2017: Eagles first-round draft meter

Western Michigan wide receiver Corey Davis (84) runs during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Buffalo , Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016 in Kalamazoo, Mich.

Here is a breakdown of each player along with a meter reading from 1 (least likely) to 10 (most likely) on the chance he might be selected Thursday night.


Les Bowen: The Eagles haven't taken a running back in the first round since Keith Byars in 1986, BUT Byars was a bit like McCaffrey - at least as much receiver as running back. You can make a case that McCaffrey would be a valuable, versatile tool in a West Coast scheme. If you think he's on the field every down, and he lasts to 14th overall, maybe you do it.

Meter Reading: 4

Paul Domowitch: The versatile McCaffrey would be a perfect fit for the Eagles' offense. You can line him up anywhere in the formation. He has better route-running skills than 90 percent of the receivers in this draft. Zach Ertz referred to him as Darren Sproles 2.0, except he's bigger and would be able to handle a regular 20- to 25-touch a game load. I have my doubts he'll make it to them at 14. But if he does, I don't think it will take them long to make their pick.

Meter Reading: 7


Thumbs up or down on Derek Barnett as the Eagles’ first-round pick?

O.J. HOWARD, TE, Alabama

Les Bowen: If you're REALLY all about best player available, and Howard is sitting there at 14, don't ya hafta take him? Not like you can't put Howard and Zach Ertz on the field at the same time. Might mean the end of Brent Celek's long, strong run here, but taking the long view, not unthinkable. Would take pressure off the WR position.

Meter Reading: 4

Paul Domowitch: Howard is the best tight end in the draft. He's a complete tight end who can block and catch the football. Tight end isn't necessarily a position of need. But Brent Celek is in the twilight of his career and Trey Burton will be an unrestricted free agent after the 2017 season. Howard would look good in two-tight end sets with Zach Ertz. The problem is it's extremely unlikely that Howard still will be on the board when the Eagles pick. Most analysts have him going either sixth to the Jets or tenth to the Bills.

Meter Reading: 4


Les Bowen: I'm pretty sure the Eagles like Barnett, much less sure he'll be there when they draft. As long as Jim Schwartz is the defensive coordinator, edge-rush is going to be a huge priority - maybe THE defensive priority - for the Eagles.

Meter Reading: 5

Paul Domowitch: While most of the discussion about the Eagles' defensive needs has been centered on the cornerback position, the fact of the matter is that Jim Schwartz's defense revolves around the pass rush. The jury still is out on Vinny Curry, and recently-signed Chris Long turned 32 last month. Barnett doesn't have the quick-twitch explosiveness off the edge that Myles Garrett has, but he was a more productive player vs. SEC opponents. And he should be there at 14.

Meter Reading: 8

COREY DAVIS, WR, Western Michigan

Les Bowen: Big, smooth receiver who definitely has attracted the Eagles' interest. With possible Eagles corner target Gareon Conley facing sexual assault allegations, a wideout at 14 looks increasingly likely.

Meter Reading: 7

Paul Domowitch: The 6-3 Davis has been one of the most productive pass-catchers in the country. Over the last four years, he caught 332 passes and had 52 touchdowns. He'll likely be there at 14. He wasn't able to workout at the combine or his Pro Day because of an ankle problem, which may or may not concern the Eagles depending on what their doctors had to say. Not sure who they'd take if the decision came down to Davis or Ross.

Meter Reading: 5


Les Bowen: Foster's repaired right shoulder isn't a big issue, but his diluted urine test sample at the combine, the argument with a hospital worker that got him sent home from that event, his presence at a nightclub shooting, and a few other things of that sort might be big issues. Foster is powerful and aggressive, he will be a force wherever he plays, but the Eagles seem uninterested in the type of guy who is going to be a constant worry - if that's what Foster is. Oh, and they haven't drafted a true linebacker in the first round since Jerry Robinson in 1979.

Meter Reading: 2

Paul Domowitch: NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said Foster had the best linebacker tape he's seen since Luke Kuechly, which is quite a compliment. The guy can play all three LB spots in Jim Schwartz's 4-3. And it's not like the Eagles are flush at the position, particularly given the persona-non-grata status of Mychal Kendricks. Foster's off-the-field issues could kick him out of the top 10 and into the Eagles' lap at 14. But I still think offense is the way they'd prefer to go in Round 1.

Meter Reading: 5


Les Bowen: Back during Senior Bowl week, White to the Eagles in the first round was a common projection. Now he is seen as more of a second-round guy. Apparently he played some really bad games between January and April? Smooth, cerebral cover corner who might lack the aggressive physicality Jim Schwartz prizes. Four-year starter and a leader, though.

Meter Reading: 4

Paul Domowitch: White was a four-year starter at LSU and a defensive leader. He's a good player, but isn't physically gifted. He'll be there at 14, but he'd be a reach. It's more likely he'll come off the board later in the first round, probably between 25 and 32. There are concerns about his deep speed, and he's not an especially good tackler.

Meter Reading: 1


Les Bowen: Humphrey is physical. He jams, hits, tackles as well as any corner in this draft class. You have to think Jim Schwartz likes his tape. But he also can be too aggressive; though he ran a 4.41 40, he likes to grab and hang on; gets turned around easily if he can't do that. He also seems to lack ball skills.

Meter Reading: 5

Paul Domowitch: This is one of the deepest cornerbacks classes in years. For them to pass on an offensive player and take a corner at 14, he needs to be special. Humphrey has size, speed and physicality, but there are concerns about his ball skills, especially his ability to locate the ball in the air with his back to the quarterback. That's no small thing.

Meter Reading: 2


Les Bowen: Seems like just the other day I was at Senior Bowl practice, asking Reddick about his projected move from edge-rusher to true 4-3 linebacker. He wasn't sure how it would go, wasn't sure what it meant for his draft stock. Well, the week went really well and Reddick has blown the lid off all the testing and interviewing. I really don't think the Eagles will go for a linebacker in the first round unless they have him clearly rated above everybody else available at 14, but given some of the things that are being said about Reddick now, I guess it's possible. Great story.

Meter Reading: 3

Paul Domowitch: It would be quite a story if the Eagles took the Camden native at 14. Before the Senior Bowl and combine, most people thought the kid would be a Day 3 pick. Now, he's probably going to be one of the first 15 players off the board. An edge-rusher at Temple, he's probably better-suited to be an inside 'backer in a 3-4, but certainly could play WILL in Jim Schwartz's defense and then rush the passer in sub-packages. That said, I think he'll be off the board before the Eagles pick, maybe to the Saints at 11.

Meter Reading: 4


Les Bowen: Size and hands are elite, speed is not. Wouldn't surprise me to see Williams go in the top 10, but it also wouldn't shock me to see him slide past the Eagles at 14. Is he going to win physical matchups as easily in the NFL as he did in college? Is he going to pay more attention to the finer points of route-running? The kind of pick fans would love, given his performance in the national championship game. Somehow I just don't see him as an Eagle, but I've been wrong before.

Meter Reading: 3

Paul Domowitch: The chances of Williams, who probably is the best wideout in the draft, making it down to the Eagles at 14 are remote. I think he's going to get gobbled up somewhere between 5 and 10. He's a big, tough receiver with an 80-inch wingspan who is going to be worth his weight in gold in the red zone. If Williams somehow falls to 14, they'd be hard-pressed not to take him. But that's probably not going to happen.

Meter Reading: 2

JOHN ROSS, WR, Washington

Les Bowen: Lots of times, receivers who run really fast at the combine don't turn out to be great players, because running fast is pretty much all they can do. Not so with Ross. If you can get past a history that includes a meniscus tear in one knee, a torn ACL in the other, and a shoulder injury, this guy is an incredible, incendiary talent. Are the injuries bad luck or a portent of what is to come, given his smallish frame? The Eagles might see Ross as the way to recapture what they once had with DeSean Jackson.

Meter Reading: 6

Paul Domowitch: Think DeSean Jackson, only nine years younger and with a considerably smaller diva quotient. Ross ran a fastest-ever 4.22 40 at the combine in March. For a team whose top priority is surrounding its young QB with weapons, a vertical threat like Ross would be a terrific get. But there are durability issues to consider. He's undersized, had shoulder surgery last month and already has had surgery on both knees.

Meter Reading: 5

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