Letters to the Editor: The Eagles and Vick

Coach Andy Reid and Michael Vick during the Eagles' news conference Friday. The quarterback served jail time for animal cruelty.

I have two pit-mixes, and I'm a lifelong Eagles fan, so you may be surprised to hear how happy I am that my team signed Michael Vick. He paid his dues, and he was bound to be signed by some team.

This isn't about Vick playing football again. This is about which city will have the opportunity to show Vick that dogfighting is wrong, and that people who do this are scum.

Vick is a perfect poster child for a movement against dogfighting and abuse. The Eagles have given the passionate citizens - dog owners, animal-lovers, and all the other great people of Philadelphia - an opportunity to make this a "teachable moment" in our history.

Pamela Berg


Michael Vick did not commit a "mistake," as people keep saying. He enjoyed watching dogs torture and kill each other! Yes, he served a sentence, but did he actually change his morals? I don't think so. He just wants to earn more millions of dollars playing football. And the Eagles, of course, are merely interested in making more money.

I truly hope the Eagles fans care more about morality than they do about touchdowns. I lived 37 years outside Philadelphia, and I loved it. I always took the opportunity to talk Philly up. Now I am just disgusted.

Phil Kuhlman

St. Peters, Mo.

Philadelphia is Greek for "city of brotherly love." Michael Vick just signed a two-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles to play football in the City of Brotherly Love. Will the Eagles fans give Vick a second chance, or want him to take the next train out of the city? It won't take too much time to find out.

David M. Levin


Being an animal lover my entire life, and an Eagles fan since my father taught me the game as a young woman, I cannot say strongly enough how outraged I am at the signing of Michael Vick. I am so hurt for all the animals that suffered at his hands.

Please do not say that this is for the good of the team, because anyone who loves an animal cannot justify having someone on his team who has been convicted and served time for such heinous crimes.

There are so many players and Coach Andy Reid whom I love and admire, but I cannot in my heart stay with the Eagles until Vick is gone. The Pittsburgh Steelers just got themselves a new fan.

Dianne Robey

Maple Shade


As a veterinarian's son and the owner of multiple pets, I was revolted by Michael Vick's involvement in dogfighting. However, rehabilitation of humans is a far higher priority to me than rehab of animals.

Like a referee considering reversal of a disputed call in a football game, "upon further review" I urge those who have a heightened concern for animal welfare to applaud - not condemn - Vick's rehabilitation. I am satisfied that he has paid his debt to society and can now be a powerful weapon in the quest for more humane treatment of animals.

John Bryer


I am Philadelphia sports. I enjoy throwing snowballs at the Dallas Cowboys, booing Santa Claus, throwing batteries at J.D. Drew, confusing Albert Pujols with a laser pointer on national TV, and killing people over spilled beer.

Oh, and I just signed dog-murdering Michael Vick to a multimillion- dollar contract.

Outside of sports, I enjoy turncoat politicians, high taxes, and anything that brings my city a black eye on the national stage.

I'll be at the Eagles game every Sunday; maybe we can hang out?

Tom Rosenberg


The signing of Michael Vick by the Eagles was a sad day for the National Football League. The message it sent is that it doesn't matter what you do off the field as long as it doesn't involve drugs, guns, or harming other people.

I do believe that Vince Lombardi has rolled over in his grave, and I, for one, will not watch any of the Eagles games on TV.

Harold R. Wilson

Corydon, Ind.