Soaring with Eagles to Phoenix, for a price

Eagles fan Frank Mami comforts brother Lou Diaz, a Giants fan, at a stadium-area bar in 2nd half yesterday.

DEDICATED EAGLES FANS, get ready to shell out megabucks to attend the 2009 NFC Championship game in Phoenix Sunday.

Although single-game tickets won't go on sale until tomorrow at 6 p.m., according to the Eagles press office, there are plenty of ways to procure tickets at a heavy cost to your wallet.

Prices listed on late yesterday started at $250 and went up to $1,700 for entry to the matchup between the Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals. The championship game will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, about 17 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix.

Those golden tickets don't include a $38.55 service charge and another $14.95 fee.

Vendors appeared on Craigslist soon after the Eagles' 23-11 victory yesterday over the New York Giants, offering tickets in the $600 to $700 range. One North Phoenix-based seller put up seats at the club level for $750 each.

In the ad, the seller pitched a detailed description of such seats saying they were "the VIP way to go from start to finish."

"The tickets are section 242, Row 9. . . . They are on the Eagles sideline, 5 yd. line. They are the perfect view - low enough to see a holding call for yourself, but up just enough to see the whole field," wrote the vendor, who identified himself as "Tom."

Not all the ticket prices were sky high, with a pair of seats in Section 119, Row 6, going for $700.

Or for those who'd rather wait it out, eBay-style, the auction site had 253 sales with keywords "arizona" and "nfc." Sellers had their tickets up during the Eagles game, with one vendor starting the bid on two 50-yard-line seats for $2,499.

Reasonable, right?

Airline flights round-trip from Philly to Phoenix varied as well. As of last night, fares between the two cities started at $450 and went up to $617. Round-trip flights were pricier on airline Web sites, starting around $800 on Southwest Airlines and $727 on US Airways.

Nonstop fares to the desert are expensive on all sites, fetching about $1,800, so if you're looking to cut corners, check out connecting itineraries.

The good news - hotels. No eyebrow-raising rates for accommodations near the stadium in Glendale. listed a few hotels in the $150- to $210-per-night range. *