Eagles' Howie Roseman talks offseason

Eagles GM Howie Roseman. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

What approach will the Eagles take at the combine? Will there be any roster changes? What are the buildings blocks for this Eagles team? These are just a few questions Eagles general manager Howie Roseman addressed in an interview with Dave Spadaro.

It is without question that the Eagles are heading into this off-season with new personnel which ultimately means new schemes. Roseman discussed his approach to the NFL Combine this year as the start of the draft process. “It’s fast and furious and an exciting time of the year.” Roseman adds the most important piece to take away from the combine is the tape. He notes different approaches to interviewing players and seeing how they react in different situations.

In terms of roster changes, Roseman does not confirm nor deny any roster changes to the Birds this year but to “add good players”. With major injuries last year impacting the offense, he believes in his explosive playmakers like Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy. The Eagles plan to focus on staying healthy as well as giving the young players time to shine.

Roseman mentioned the defense is always a “re-tooling” process and acknowledging the new scheme to make sure players fit to those schemes coming into the season. He sees Fletcher Cox, and Brandon Graham as building blocks on this defense. Part of the plan to recover from last season’s heartaches is to examine and study those mistakes.

With all that being said, it should be an interesting offseason for the Birds. New head coach Chip Kelly brings along fresh faces and approaches but change in this case might be a good thing. A clean slate is just what this team and city needs right now.