Vick Tells Brother to Shut It Down

"You'll never see that again," Michael Vick said of his brother's Tweets. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said Wednesday he "definitely had a serious heart-to-heart conversation" with his brother Marcus over Marcus's tweet Monday night asking the Eagles to trade his brother to keep him from being hurt behind an offensive line that gave up seven sacks.

"You'll never see that again," said Vick, who said people shouldn't attach any significance to anything said by anyone around him, who isn't Michael Vick.

"I told him to shut off the Twitter," Vick said.


How awful is the Eagles' situation?

Tuesday, Vick visited with Hurricane Sandy victims in Atlantic City.

"There are some responsibilities that we don't see that we have to attend to, but that was something I felt like I needed to do, from the heart," Vick said. "Even though the body was a little sore, I still wanted to go down there, just pay homage and show them that we're thinking about them."