Video: Police used pepper spray on Dion Lewis

Eagles veterans reported to camp yesterday, and that includes backup running back Dion Lewis, who is sure to field many questions dealing with his offseason arrest.

By now you have all read about how Lewis was arrested on felony charges for pulling the fire alarm at a hotel in Albany, New York.

You have probably also read that the charges will be dropped. The reason the district attorney gave for the sudden change was that there was no proof that Lewis pulled the alarm.

Video of the arrest has since come to light. Lewis and his brother, Lamar, do not appear threatening, even though police enter with guns drawn, tackle the two to the ground, and use pepper spray to subdue the pair.

While at first glance the officers use of force may seem a bit excessive, after listening to the 9-1-1 audio it appears that they were just following standard procedure. The hotel employee told the 9-1-1 dispatcher that two men, one with a knife, were trying to break into the hotel.

Here is a look at the surveillance video, as well as audio of the 911 call made by the hotel, via the Albany Times Union.