Report: Rutgers football officials meet with NCAA committee on infractions

Officials from Rutgers and its athletic department met with the NCAA’s committee on infractions Friday, reported, about alleged transgressions by the football program that were cited by the NCAA last winter.

In that report, the NCAA alleged that the Rutgers football program committed a pile of offenses under then-head coach Kyle Flood, including recruiting infractions, pressuring a professor to give a player a better grade, and hiding positive drug tests by multiple players.

The NCAA charged Rutgers with a failure to monitor the program, one of the steepest charges in the book. According to, it was expected that university president Robert Barchi – a former provost at Penn and president of Thomas Jefferson University – was to attend the NCAA meeting. So were current athletic director Pat Hobbs and current football coach Chris Ash.

Hobbs and Ash were not at Rutgers when the alleged offenses were committed, though Barchi was the president. He fired Flood and Hobbs’ predecessor, Julie Hermann, in November 2015.

In addition to the charges against the football program and the athletic department, Flood, former assistant coach Darrell Wilson and former director of sports medicine Robert Monaco are facing possible show-cause orders.