Who's who at the 2011 Penn Relays

Every year, Frank Bertucci of the Daily News goes through the entire list of Penn Relays entrants and picks out the coolest names. Here's his compilation for this year.


Since Abbott and Costello are both entered in this year's Penn Relays, the 117th edition of the world's greatest track and field meet might be referred to as the baseball edition.

You want home run hitters? We've got Ruth, Aaron, Bonds and Killebrew. Guys who hit for average? How about Cobb and Pujols?

And if there's a specific request for a Dodgers' centerfielder, Willie Davis will be at Franklin Field (running for Allen Iverson's alma mater, Bethel High of Hampton, Va.).

But why stop the sports run with baseball?

We have Paterno, Harold Jackson and Ricky Bell for football fans; Orr, Esposito and Sanderson for followers of Boston Bruins Stanley Cup winners; JoJo White and Stephen Curry representing NBA guards; a Service and a Forehand if you're into tennis; and Leila Ali stepping out of the boxing ring.

The presidency is again well-represented with 27 of 44 competing, no Obama or Roosevelt, but Lyndon Baines Johnson is back with Findlay University of Ohio. We have Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Harrison, Taft, Wilson, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Clinton.

And there's also a Justice of the Supreme Court in Sotomayor.

We have Kings and Popes, Counts, Dukes and Lords, Princes and Princesses.

There's a DeNiro and Edward Robinson (without the G.), and a Capone. And the Four Season (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring), but unfortunately no Frankie Valli.

You want the world, how about London and Paris, India and Israel, Carolina and Dakota, Virginia and Montana, Orlando, Richmond, Austin, Fairbanks, Houston, Dearborn and Macon.

Horatio, Hannibal and Hercules, along with Mona Lisa. There's a male Unique and a female Unique, and Haddon Heights (NJ) High has entered a 4x100 girls relay where (first names) Desiree will hand off to Dazmonique to Phenayzia with Denise on the anchor. Rivaled by Newark (DE)'s 4x400 quartet of Nadea, Quira, Y'nhia and Monet.

There are 3,241 high school relays teams (from 1,027 high schools) and 1,079 college relays (of 238 colleges), from 13 countries. And maybe 100 more countries are represented when you count those running, jumping and throwing for American schools and colleges.

And, finally, we have Doyle, Holmes, Watson and Moriarty.

The Relays are afoot.