Addazio not satisfied with quarterbacks' leadership

Temple's Steve Addazio wants his quaterbacks to step up as the unquestioned leaders of the offense this season. (AP file photo)

Temple coach Steve Addazio expects his quarterbacks to do much more than complete passes and rush for first downs.

He demands that they become the unquestioned leaders of the offense.

“Your quarterback needs to be that guy,” Addazio said. “What happens in practice with these quarterbacks when you get into these segmented practices, they are just so focused on their deal.

“When they get on the field out here, they got to get out of their deal and get into the team deal. I don’t think we are there. I think we got to get that down.”

Junior signal caller Chris Coyer is the Owls' starter. Juniors Juice Granger and Kevin Newsome are listed second and third on the depth chart.

"That's just the maturity and the experience that is very necessary that a lot of people seem to try to discount throughout the country, pro football and college alike," Addazio said of having a quarterback with the leadership qualities he demands. "That's a real skill, an important ingredient. At least it is for me."