Monday, May 25, 2015

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Matt Rambo said he was looking forward to playing in front of his hometown fans earlier in the week.
After allowing victory to slip away in regulation, Denver’s Wesley Berg made sure it wouldn’t in overtime.
Maryland women's lacrosse coach Cathy Reese didn't watch a second of North Carolina-Duke on Saturday.
There is a lingering memory around the Notre Dame lacrosse team surrounding its last trip to the Philadelphia area.
UNC scored six straight goals and was rode its defense to a 16-7 victory over Duke.
Before he arrived at the Maryland, Matt Rambo knew what it was like to be better than everybody he faced.
Taylor Cummings postgame cool down was repeatedly interrupted.
John Smallwood: This group of teams shows that lacrosse is expanding in popularity across the nation.
Maryland is the lacrosse version of Chinese water torture, trying to slowly milk every possession.
Facts and figures about this weekend's participants in the NCAA lacrosse championships.
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