Friday's Penn Relays schedule of events

Upper Dublin’s Madison Langley Walker, left, competes in the High School Girls 400mm Hurdles Championship at the 2018 Penn Relays.

Friday's Schedule


College Men's 400m Hurdles Championship      9 a.m.

High School Boys' 4x800 Small Schools    9:20-9:30

High School Boys' 4x800 Large Schools    9:40-9:50

PIAA JV/9 Boys 4x100                         10

PIAA JV/9 Girls 4x100                         10:02

PIAA Middle School Boys 4x100                10:04

PIAA Middle School Girls 4x100                   10:06

Camden Diocese Boys 4x100                    10:08

Camden Diocese Girls 4x100                   10:10

South Jersey Middle School Boys 4x100          10:12

South Jersey Middle School Girls 4x100          10:14

Wilmington Diocese Boys 4x100                10:16

Wilmington Diocese Girls 4x100                10:18

Philadelphia Archdiocese Junior Boys 4x100    10:20

Philadelphia Archdiocese Junior Girls 4x100       10:22

Philadelphia Archdiocese Senior Boys 4x100    10:24

Philadelphia Archdiocese Senior Girls 4x100       10:26

Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Small Schools Boys 4x100                                         10:28

Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Small Schools Girls 4x100                                         10:30

Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Large Schools Boys 4x100                                         10:32

Philadelphia 7th & 8th Grade Large Schools Girls 4x100                                         10:34

Philadelphia Area Private & Charter Schools Boys 4x100                                           10:36

Philadelphia Area Private & Charter Schools Girls 4x100                                           10:38

High School Boys' 4x100 (Heats)   10:40-12:05 p.m.

High School Boys' Prep School 4x100 Independent                                                    12:25

Phila. Elementary 4th Grade Shuttle Relay       12:30

Phila. Elementary 5th Grade Shuttle Relay       12:45

Phila. 6th Grade Shuttle Relay                   1

College Men's 4x100 (Heats)                   12:30

College Women's 4x100 Championship of America Invitational                                      12:55

College Women's 4x100 College                1

College Women's 4x100 Eastern                1

High School Girls' 4x800 Championship of America                                                        1:05

College Women's 4x1500 Championship of America Invitational                                         1:15

College Men's 4x200 (Heats)                   1:35

College Women's 4x200 (Heats)                1:55

High School Girls' 4x100 Northeast             2:20

High School Girls' 4x100 National                2:22

High School Girls' 4x100 International             2:24

High School Girls' 4x100 Championship of America                                                        2:27

Special Olympics 4x100                         2:30

Special Olympics 4x100 Unified                2:32

College Men's Distance Medley                   2:35

College Men's Shuttle Hurdles Championship of America Invitational                                3

Olympic Development Men's Shuttle Hurdles 4x110m                                                      3:10

College Women's Shuttle Hurdles Championship of America Invitational                                3:20

College Men's 110m Hurdles (Heats)             3:40

College Women's 100m Hurdles (Heats)          3:55

Special Olympics Boys 100m dash                3

Special Olympics Girls 100m dash                3:03

Masters Men's 100m dash 40 and older          3:05

Masters Men's 100m dash 45 and older          3:07

Masters Men's 100m dash 50 and older          3:09

Masters Men's 100m dash 55 and older          3:11

Masters Men's 100m dash 60 and older          3:13

Masters Men's 100m dash 65 and older          3:15

Masters Men's 100m dash 70 and older          3:18

Masters Women's 100m dash 40 and older       3:20

College Men's 100m dash (Heats)                3:25

College Women's 100m dash (Heats)             3:35

College Men's 4x400 (Heats)                   4:15

College Men's 4x400 CTC                         4:55

College Men's 4x400 Pop Haddleton MAC       5

High School Girls' 4x400 Championship of America                                                        5:05

College Men's Distance Medley Championship of America Invitational                                5:15

High School Boys' Distance Medley Championship of America                                            5:30

High School Boys' Mile Run Championship        5:45

High School Boys' 3000m Championship           5:50

College Women's Sprint Medley Championship of America Invitational                                6:05

College Women's Sprint Medley College          6:10

College Men's Sprint Medley Championship of America Invitational                                6:25

College Men's Sprint Medley College             6:30

Olympic Development Men's 4x100             6:50

Olympic Development Women's 4x100          7

Masters Men's 4x100 40 and older                7:05

Masters Mixed 4x100 Championship             7:07

Masters Mixed 4x100 60 and older                7:10

Masters Mixed 4x100 70 and older                7:13

Olympic Development Men's 4x400             7:15

Olympic Development Women's 4x400          7:25

Masters Men's 4x400 50 and older                7:30

Masters Women's 4x400 40 and older             7:35

Corporate Distance Medley                      7:40


College Men's Discus Throw College            9 a.m.

College Men's High Jump College                   10

College Men's Pole Vault College                   10

College Women's Triple Jump Championship       10

College Women's Triple Jump College             11

College Women's Discus Throw Championship    11:30

College Men's Shot Put Championship          Noon   

High School Boys' Discus Throw Championship                                                       12:45 p.m.

College Men's Shot Put College                   1:15

High School Boys' High Jump Championship     1:45

College Men's Long Jump Championship          2

High School Boys' Javelin Throw Championship 2:45

College Men's Long Jump College                3:30

High School Boys' Shot Put Championship       4:30

College Women's Javelin Throw College          4:45