JoePa's new look

Joe Paterno doesn't need glasses anymore.

LAST JANUARY, someone stole the glasses off the 7-foot statue of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno that stands outside Beaver Stadium.

Perhaps Joe liked the look. He recently had vision surgery and no longer needs his trademark thick-lens specs.

But that doesn't necessarily mean he won't still wear glasses.

A school spokesman confirmed yesterday that the 83-year-old Hall of Famer had the surgery last month. The procedure was performed by his friend, Dr. Stuart Fine, an ophthalmologist based in Philly.

"I had trouble reading for the last 6 months, so I went down to Philadelphia to the Penn Scheie Eye Institute," Paterno told "And the guy says to me . . . 'I think we can fix that up.' So they went in and did it. I don't really need glasses anymore."

Paterno, however, said he feels strange walking around without glasses, so he had a pair made with similar frames and much thinner lenses.

"When I don't wear 'em, and I put on a sweater, I reach to take the glasses off and I don't have them on," he said.

He wore the new glasses to a charity event yesterday. To prove he really didn't need them, he took them off and glanced at his watch.

"I can tell you what time it is," he said.


Is it time to retire, Joe?


Seems as if his eyes have gotten better, but his hearing is going.

- Tom Mahon

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