Rating the city’s top basketball prospects

Conwell-Egan's Ike Robinson, center, bumps West Catholic's Yuri Burton, right. (Steven M. Falk / Staff Photographer)

FOR THE 33rd consecutive season, the Daily News is attempting to give college basketball coaches a helping hand with their recruitment of Public, Catholic and Inter-Ac League players.

Our five categories for seniors are point guards, wing guards, small forwards, power forwards and centers. Players are categorized by the position we expect them to play in college. But remember, a player's role can depend upon the level of school he attends.

The players in "The Best" category are those we believe would be most capable of playing in Division I or the higher levels of Division II, or in a competitive junior-college program if there's a need for academic strengthening. "Others" are Division IIs or IIIs.

Our rating system: 1. big time; 2. midmajor; 3. low Division I; 4. high Division II. We have compiled a separate list of players who have already made commitments.


Point Guards

The Best

Shaquille Shannon, 6-foot, tough with ball, classic jumpshot, extra set of eyes, star student, Coppin/Howard/Stony Brook stalking, rating: 3;

Jay Harris, Robeson, 5-10, human buzz-saw, competes to no end, height no problem, word spreading, rating: 3-4.


Brandyn Wims, Dougherty

Devon Perrin, Fels

Woody Redding, North Catholic

Jamal Melvin, Bonner

Quasim Jones, Bartram

Austin Curry, Gtn. Academy

Dehaven Brown, Frankford

Kenny Bey-Brown, Franklin

Haywood Henderson, Southern

Brandon Baynes, University City

Devon Thomas, Conwell-Egan

Wanyae Hartsfield, Mastery South

Cedrick Powell, Strawberry Mansion

Zachary Spence, Eng. and Science

Kenneith Stewart, Fels

Bryton Hawthorne, New Media

Kamell Alston, Central

Malik Abdulhadi, Washington

Anthony Bertolino, O'Hara

Anthony Magallanes, Ryan

Dan Patriarca, Northeast

Calvin Hill, Furness

Michael Gray, Penn

Amir Stringfield, Randolph

Jean-Pierre Forte, World Communications


Wing Guards


Donte Williams, Washington, 6-3, relentless driver, spirited, best in up tempo, La Salle/Delaware monitoring, rating: 2-3;

Ike Robinson, Conwell-Egan, 6-3, crafty, slashes to treys, still blossoming, Rider/Central Conn sniffing; rating: 3-4;

Rysheen Dorn, Delaware Valley, 6-4, high motor, grows on ya, halfcourt sets no problem, strong MEAC interest, rating: 3-4;


Jabreil McLeod, Olney

Jaleel Mack, North Catholic

Tyree Smith, Gratz

Mike Wilson, King

Troy Hockaday, La Salle

Joe Nardi, St. Joseph's Prep

Todd Cramer, Chestnut Hill

Kadeem Patterson, Olney

Zaahir Allen, Bartram

Isiah Clark, New Media

Mike Barr, Lansdale Catholic

Terrell Clark, Frankford

Naquil Jones, West Phila.

Raheem Roher, Comm. Tech

Rodney Walters, Frankford

Donte Goodman, Sayre

Khalil Meadows, Strawberry Mansion

Joshua Welles, Central

Dan Kearney, O'Hara

Kyle Richardson, Kensington

John Creighton, Hope

Saadiq Berry, Strawberry Mansion

Vincent Ho, West Catholic

Teron Brown, Future

Carl Guignard, GAMP


Small Forwards


Carl Wallace, Frankford, 6-4, best athlete on board, explodes to hoop, polishing overall skills, warrior, likely JC material, rating: 3-4;

Ben Mingledough, Carroll, 6-4, bouncy, makes strides daily, great teammate, crafty rebounder, can add weight, rating: 3-4;


Brandon Brown, Dougherty

Sherman Blanford, Comm. Tech

Jerrod Johnson, Franklin LC

Shawn Penn, Franklin

Anthony Patterson, Roxborough

Matt Hankerson, Prep Charter

Jamal Jones, Strawberry Mansion

Anthony Wallace, Palumbo

Josh Stevens, New Media

Kyle McNair, Parkway

Bob Makor, North Catholic

Doug Macrone, Wood

Cashad McFadden, Overbrook

Harold Gordon, New Media

Keefer Francis, Bonner

Kiwan Murray, West Catholic

Kyle Baldwin, Phila. Electrical

Master Corbin, Washington

Joseph McClain, Esperanza

Michael Clemmons, Univ. City


Power Forwards


Antoine "Ness" Bland, Gratz, 6-4, bull in china shop, relentless, heavy football interest also, rating: 3-4;


Allan Dempster, Phila. Academy

Brandon Smith, Central

Mark "Stretch" Houston, Eng. and Science

Eddie Callender, Germantown

Connor McIntyre, St. Joseph's Prep

Micah Peeler, Univ. City

Mark "Stretch" Blount, Penn

Andre Thomas, Math/Civics/Sciences

Mike Payne, Conwell-Egan

Dan Vanderslice, Bonner

Allen Heggs, Episcopal

Devin Moore, Bartram

Shakim Thomas, Furness

Brendan Ostaszewski, Ryan

Robert Jones, Fels






Fred Ruff, Delaware Valley

Tim "Bird" Kowalko, Washington

Kevin Fenstermaker, Wood

Dan Plummer, Lansdale Catholic

Francisco Medina, Edison

Erik Raleigh, Constitution


Juan'ya Green, Carroll, 6-3, WG

Ameen Tanksley, Imhotep, 6-5, WG-SF

Jerrell Wright, Dobbins, 6-6, PF

DeQuann "Bootsie" Walker, Malvern, 6-3, WG

Joe Getz, Wood, 6-foot, PG

Aquil Younger, West Catholic, 6-1, PG

Xavier Harris, Constitution, 6-5, PF

Lamon Church, Malvern, 6-3, WG-SF

Fortunat "Junior" Kangudi, Roman, 6-8, PF

Markeith Mont, World Comm., 6-5, WG-SF

Isaiah Baker, Episcopal, 6-7, PF-C

David Appolon, Imhotep, 6-2, WG

Mark Wilmer, Prep Charter, 6-6, PF

Ray Jaggon, Olney, 6-3, WG

Eddie Mitchell, La Salle, 6-foot, PG

Andrew Moye, Gratz, 6-2, WG

Turhan Griffin, Franklin LC, 6-foot, WG

Reggie Charles, Judge, 6-1, PG-WG

Tracy Peal, Malvern, 6-5, PF

Thomas Moore, 5-11, PG


(Sophomores Unless Noted)

Derrick Stewart, Neumann-Goretti, 6-6, PF

Steve Vasturia, St. Joseph's Prep, 6-2, PG-WG (frosh)

Khyree Wooten, Straw. Mansion, 6-2, WG

John Davis, Neumann-Goretti, 6-3, WG-SF (frosh)

Maurice Watson, Boys' Latin, 5-9, PG

Malik Garner, Chestnut Hill, 6-4, SF

Gene Williams, St. Joseph's Prep, 6-2, WG

Brendan Kilpatrick, Malvern, 6-3, WG

Britton Lee, Roman, 5-11, PG-WG (frosh)

Jerimyjah Batts, Comm. Tech, 6-7, PF-C

Semaj Reed, Haverford School, 6-6, PF-C (frosh)

Rysheed Jordan, Vaux, 6-1, PG (frosh)


Already Committed

The following players are off the prospects board:

Point Guards: Tyreek Duren, Neumann-Goretti, La Salle; DJ Irving, Carroll, Boston U.

Shooting Guards: Cameron Ayers, Gtn. Academy, Bucknell; Rakeem "Rahk" Brookins, Roman, Tulane; Tony Chennault, Neumann-Goretti, Wake Forest; Pat Connaghan, Chestnut Hill, Univ. of Sciences in Phila.; Tyrone Garland, Bartram Virginia Tech; Mustafaa Jones, Neumann-Goretti, Hartford; Devonte' "DJ" Newbill, Strawberry Mansion, Marquette; Mike Terry, North Catholic, Boston U.

Small Forward: Fran Dougherty, Wood, Penn; Tom Noonan, Penn Charter, Princeton.

Power Forwards: Erik Copes, Imhotep, George Washington (junior), Anthony Mayo, Roman, Boston U; Danny Stewart, Neumann-Goretti, Rider.

Center: Shaquille Duncan, Frankford, Niagara.