Lunardi reaches milestone

Joe Lunardi has attended 900 St. Joe's games. (Greg Carroccio/AP)

BALTIMORE -- If anybody bleeds the Crimson and gray of Saint Joseph’s University, it’s Joe Lunardi. While many know him as the ESPN Bracketologist, Lunard is among the most dedicated Saint Joseph’s fan.

He is a 1982 Saint Joseph’s graduate and current associate vice president for marketing and communications at the school. In addition to being the radio basketball analyst. Lunardi also serves as a college basketball analyst, doing selected games.

Saturday’s 70-60 win at Morgan State was the 900th St. Joe’s that Lunardi has attended.

He said 898 of them came after he became a student at St. Joseph’s.

It shouldn’t surprise anybody that Lunardi keeps count. Each game has had special meaning.

“After all this time I can’t imagine not having done it,” Lunardi said while courtside, preparing for the game. “If there was no TV, radio and bracketology tomorrow, I would still go to every game.”

The next goal is to hit 1,000.