Montel Harris talks about Boston College dismissal

Running back Montel Harris sprints out of the backfield during football practice at Temple. (David Maialetti /Staff Photographer)

Tuesday marked Temple running back Montel Harris' first media interview since being kicked off Boston College's football team in May.

The graduate student, who has one season of eligibility left, talked about his dismissal, transferring to Temple and overcoming a knee injury.

I will provide a much more in-depth story about what the Eagles’ career rushing leader said in  Wednesday's Inquirer.  But first, I wanted to provide a quick hit on my blog.

Here are some of Harris’ comments:

What sold you on Temple?

“I came in and met all the coaches. And it just seemed like it was a good [bond] with the coaches. I knew [former Boston College assistant] coach [Ryan] Day and [assistant coach Kevin] Rogers from Boston College. And I just think it was great fit for me in my last season to come in and help right away.”

What do you still have to prove?

"I still have to prove that I am a healthy player, a good player on and off the field, and I'm just looking to play football."

Why were you kicked off Boston College's team?

“Things didn’t work out the way both ends wanted them to. I had to do what was best for me. The coach had to do what’s best for him. Temple ended up being the best fit for me."

Were you surprised that the Eagles were willing to part ways with their all-time leading rusher?

"No really surprised. It’s a business and people have to do what they have to sometimes."

Is there any disappointment with not finishing up at Boston College? Is there anything that you regret that happened at BC?

“I don’t regret anything. I think everything happens for a reason. Me coming to Temple allows me to still be able to play football and have a chance at the next level.”

What do you say about the different rumors floating around that say character flaws led to your dismissal?

“Everyone doesn’t know what happened. I’m just here to say that I am just going to come play football and prove to the scouts, and every other, that I’m a great football player and that I have great character on and off the field. The people who really need to know what’s going on, they know what happened. We can go from there."

 Do you feel like Boston College painted you negatively?

"Yeah, some people feel like things weren’t handled the right way. But I can’t let that get me down. Things were said the way they were said. But the people, who really need to know, know what happened and it’s not what everyone thinks."

 What do you see as the possibility that you and Matt Brown can do as running back tandem?  

“I feel like we can do a lot in the backfield. We feed off of each other. He’s high energy. He keeps me going.  We are going to be able to make some big plays this year.”