Owls practice resembles 'basketball on grass'

Chris Coyer will have competition from transfer Kevin Newsome for a starting quarterback position. (AP Photo/Jake Schoellkopf)

Fall camp officially opened Saturday morning at Temple, as the Owls worked on fundamentals during a two-hour practice in helmets and shorts.

“That’s what it is on Day 1. You can’t get much more done,” Temple coach Steve Addazio said of sticking to the basics. “You are not in pads.”

As a result, Addazio wouldn't single out any players for their individual performances. He wants to wait until Monday when the team starts practicing in shoulder pads.

“That’s when you start to assess things,” Addazio said. “Right now, no one’s hitting anybody. So it’s kind of like basketball on grass. That’s not football."

"But all of a sudden the pads come on [Monday], and now you can evaluate a guy."

Transfers Montel Harris (Boston College, running back) and Kevin Newsome (Penn State, quarterback) both practiced with the team. Newsome even stayed afterward to take extra snaps. 

"They are like everybody else, working really hard trying to digest the offense," Addazio said the  transfers.

Newsome, who wore No. 12 for the Nittany Lions, will don No. 7 at Temple.  Harris will wear No. 8 after wearing No. 2 at BC. That number will be worn by running back Matt Brown this season.

Addazio was asked if it's realistic to think true freshman Nate L. Smith (who will wear No. 1) could compete for the starting free-safety position.

"Yes, I think it's realistic for all of these guys, right now," he said. "That's our mindset. Come out here and prepare to play. And let's see where you are at."