Eagles begin distraction from Phillies

The Phillies dipped another game under .500 yesterday, but none of that matters anymore, because look, it's the Eagles.

Chip Kelly begins his gentle hand-holding at Eagles training camp today. If you're one of the few people who allow the worlds of sports and Twitter to intersect, you'll find great use of this list - the gallery of essential Twitter follows for Eagles fans

A quick preview: "If you have something bad to say about Zach Berman, there's a good chance you're an asshole."


Landon Donovan was one of the recipients of hurled insults and objects in Philadelphia Baltimore this weekend while the U.S. took on El Salvador in a Gold Cup quarterfinal.

About to take a corner kick, some person - willing to be blinded by the piercing glare of the sun in order to express their displeasure - chucked their sunglasses at him.


Sea gulls are descending on to the Giants' AT&T Park in San Francisco, reports the media, but this is hardly a problem that started in 2013.

The issue has intensified of late, to the point that the gulls have even shown up on Twitter to brag and compare their actions to the moon landing.


Look at this Red Sox youngling trick the Yankees' third base coach into giving him a foul ball. It makes you wonder what sort of heinous trickery he used to get those seats.