'Ukraine Train' prepped for Wing Bowl with Dukan Diet

To be a Wing Bowl champion, it takes hard work. And, despite what you think, the eaters don't just prepare by gorging themselves.

Dimitry "The Ukraine Train" Shchupak has been training hard in an attempt to take home the grand prize for amateurs at this year's Wing Bowl. For the past few weeks, Shchupak has been adhering to something called the "Dukan Diet", which he says is a variant of the Atkins Diet.

"I've been on the diet to stretch my stomach," said 'The Train.' By alternating days where he eats no meat followed by days where he eats tons of meat, Shchupak has actually lost weight, which he says thinks will give him an edge.

Why's it called the Dukan Diet? "It's named after a French guy named Dukan," he said as he hurried off to the restroom to "clear out some space." Don't ask.

Despite being 14:1 to win the event, Ukraine Train thinks he has a shot to win the amateur portion of the event. His goal is to eat between 150 and 200 wings, which he thinks would net him a top-five finish over all. His pick to win the event is also the odds-on favorite to take home the crown, Jonathan "Super" Squibb.