Phillies have the next Yasiel Puig

To say Yasiel Puig has taken the league by storm would be underselling him. Yasiel Puig has taken the league by catergory five Sharknado.

Puig is 54-for-132, putting his average at .409 and his OPS somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. Though he must hit a wall eventually - and has in short bursts, striking out five times in a row on occasion - his success has been so prolonged and so infectious that ESPN is basically openly advocating for him to make the All-Star team, despite a mere 33 games in the league.

In fact, the biggest problem people have with Puig is that he'd be making the All-Star team too quickly.

So, to have a player that compares to the bar Puig has set is pretty cool. Fortunately, the Phillies are the team with the closest amount of output in terms of hits.

That's right. Ben Revere: the next Yasiel Puig.