NFL lockout back on

That screeching sound you just heard was NFL business once again coming to a halt.

A federal court has handed owners the decision they wanted, putting the lockout back in place and stopping the limited team activities that resumed Friday morning. That means no trades or free agency, and Kevin Kolb still isn't going anywhere. The lockout is back on at least until next week, when the three judge panel overseeing the NFL's appeal will decide on the league's request for a permanent stay -- one that could last into June.

The Eighth Circuit court of appeals granted a temporary stay of the injunction that had been issued by Judge Susan Richard Nelson. Nelson's decision would have lifted the lockout, but the stay leaves it in place. The lockout could be on for weeks to come. The owners are seeking a longer stay that would last the length of their appeal of Nelson's decision -- probably leaving teh lockout in place four to six more weeks, at least, as the two sides await another court ruling.


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Bottom line: no trades or free agency until sometime next week at the earliest, and perhaps not for longer than that.