Mornhinweg on Kolb/McNabb differences

The Eagles offense will be different this season, for no other reason than the turnover at quarterback. Kevin Kolb is a different signal caller than his predecessor, Donovan McNabb, and because of that, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said, the offense will cater to Kolb's strengths.

But how exactly are they different?

"There's no question Donovan had one of the stronger arms of all time," Mornhinweg said after Saturday morning practice at minicamp. "He could make the brilliant play. Kolb is very consistent, he handles two or three play selections very well [and is] typically very accurate. He is athletic ... but he doesn't have the athleticism that Donovan has."

Mornhinweg has dealt with the changing of the quarterback before. In San Francisco, the 49ers were able to successfully transition, for the most part, from Steve Young to Jeff Garcia.

"It's business as usual," Mornhinweg said. "You emphasize certain things with different quarterbacks. They're all different both on and off the field."

After a day and a half of practice, Mornhinweg said that Kolb is where he should be.

"I think he's progressed pretty well," he said. 

On the defensive side of the ball, coordinator Sean McDermott has had to adapt to so many new faces. Many of the 16 new faces on defense -- nine of which came via the draft -- are expected to make the team.

"Over half of the players or close to over half of the players have never played a snap in the NFL and a couple more have never played a snap for the Eagles defense," McDermott said. "It's important that we teach the right way."

One of the latter players, linebacker Ernie Sims, formerly of Detroit, has been starting at weak-side linebacker.

"There's a shark in the water out there right now and that's Ernie Sims," McDermott said.

With the addition of a few hybrid end-linebacker players, McDermott was asked if the Eagles were switching to a 3-4 defensive scheme.

"What's important for us right now is that we stay true to our base [4-3] defense and we lay a very solid foundation that we can depend upon and fall back on during the year," McDermott said.

Last season, McDermott shuffled a lot of different players on and off the field dependent upon a situation -- partly out of necessity. Will he do that again this coming season?

"You'd like to be able to play your base defense and play 11 defenders during a game and let it go and let the base defense take care of itself," McDermott said. "In this league, as you see multiple personnel groupings and the way that offenses and offensive coordinators attack a defense, it's important that you can stay multiple on the defensive side of the ball, as well, so that you can throw a counterpunch when necessary."

As for injury updates, the same players that didn't practice at all Friday -- center Jamaal Jackson (knee), tight end Cornelius Ingram (knee), defensive end Vic Abiamiri (knee) and guard Max Jean-Gilles (lap-band) -- didn't go today.