Loss to Saints keeps Eagles up at night

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson (10) caught three passes for 100 yards and a touchdown against the Saints. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

NEW ORLEANS - The wheels of the Eagles' charter flight back from Louisiana touched down in Philadelphia at 3:49 am on Tuesday. 

The Eagles had plenty of time for soul searching during their (likely quiet) 2 hour and 3 minute journey home after Monday night's 28-13 spanking in front of a national audience, though their flight through the night didn't produce a bunch of groggy players. 

More than an hour after the team's plane landed, DeSean Jackson tweeted at 5:06 am that he was still up watching film. 

"Up watching film," Jackson (@DeseanJackson10) wrote. "I'm in it. We've gotta pull this together. Football ain't never been this frustrating. But ayyyye (sic) got 2 get it RIGHT. Straight like that." 

The tweet was a welcomed sign of life from one of the few Eagles players who actually showed up in New Orleans. Jackson caught his second touchdown pass of the season on a 77-yard bomb in the third quarter, which was the Eagles' longest play from scrimmage this season. It was Jackson's longest reception since 2010. He finished with 100 total yards on 3 grabs. 

Jackson apparently wasn't the only one who was kept up by the Birds' putrid performance. 


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Tight end Brent Celek, who was responsible for both of the Eagles' turnovers against the Saints, voiced his disappointment in himself on his own Twitter account (@BrentCelek). The Saints' Pick-6 from the red zone bounced off Celek's finger tips. He also fumbled late in the third quarter as the Eagles tried to gain momentum. 

"This is an embarrassing time to say the least," Celek wrote. "I def(initely) didn't play as you all expect and what I expect of myself. It's my job to help turn this thing around. 

"I'm not asking for sympathy. Fans rightly hold us accountable. My performance was crap, but I promise you this will change." 

Eagles coach Andy Reid does not have a Twitter, but you can almost guarantee that he was up as late or later than his players on Tuesday morning. The Eagles' season is unraveling, but when Reid addresses the media at his day-after news conference at noon on Tuesday, just don't hold your breath on hearing a different tune. 

At the very least, Tuesday's early morning tweets from the players showed a bit of heart, which is more than they showed against the Saints. More so than Reid, they are the ones who control where the Eagles go from here.