Happy Birthday, Kyle Kendrick

Kyle has had a long and illustrious career, during which he has gone from golden boy, to weak link, to scapegoat, to weak link again, to scapegoat again, then back to golden boy for a little while until earlier this year, when he just started sort of blending in with the background.

But as is the case with most long term Phillies, his career can be measured in unforgettable moments.

You never know when he's going to lace a triple or clutch a bazooka, and now, at 29, he's joining that group of Phillies who are close to or over 30 years old that everyone complains about.

Watch as his multifaceted skill set allows him to gracefully throw his skull into a third baseman's shins.

Cower at his ability to absorb pain following a brief collision with a comebacker.

Salivate at the sight of his unhittable invisi-pitch.

Tilt your head in confusion as he receives a high five and then lays down for a quick nap.

Yes, Kyle is growing up. Soon he won't be the little brother of the staff anymore. So let us celebrate his birthday in the safest way possible: by watching Cliff Lee get the start tonight.