Eagles-Saints Up-Down Drill

NEW ORLEANS -- The highs and many lows from the Eagles' 28-13 loss to the Saints on Monday night:

Andy Reid

Reid has lost his team and he's eight games from losing his job, unless Lurie surprises and fires his coach mid-season.

Jeffrey Lurie

Enough with the, "I don't speak about the team until after the season." Mr. Lurie, your team has become an embarrassment. You must answer questions about your decision to stick with Reid and his future. 

Todd Bowles

Repeat: Bowles was put into a difficult spot when Reid fired Juan Castillo. But he just doesn't have any answers for a defense that is fractured and uninspiring. 

Michael Vick

  Vick deserves praised for surviving the barrage behind a leaky offensive line, but his pick six in the red zone was a just another errant pass from the mistake-prone quarterback.

DeSean Jackson

If it weren’t for McCoy, Jackson would be the Eagles best player thus far. He hasn’t dropped a ball this season and finally delivered a vintage big-play with a 77-yard touchdown in the third that featured a nice stutter-step move before he ran into the end zone.

Marty Mornhinweg

  It says here the play-calling on offense has not been the Eagles biggest problem. But Mornhinweg did himself no favors by calling for too many passes when the Eagles got into the red zone. On their first three trips they netted only six points.

Eagles offensive line

  It’s hard to single out individual linemen when the majority of them were not expected to start this season. But the line has been the Eagles’ Achilles heel all season. Vick hasn’t help himself, but his protection – or lack thereof – has hindered his production.

LeSean McCoy

 Well, at least one Eagle came to play. McCoy has been giving maximum effort all season as far as one can tell, but he hasn’t gotten support from his offensive line. But the Eagles running back had room to run against the Saints and delivered. His teammates and coaches let him down.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha

  The Eagles cornerbacks were above average in the first six games, but for some reason, when Todd Bowles took over as defensive coordinator, they forgot how to tackle. Rodgers-Cromartie made a weak attempt on a run in the first quarter, and Asomugha couldn’t wrap up a rusher in the second.

Riley Cooper

  Cooper’s name was called once in the first half – when he called for a blindside block in the second quarter. The wide receiver’s personal foul came on second down and three and drove the Eagles back 15 yards. Cameras caught Cooper smiling as he walked off after the penalty.

Brandon Graham

  Per snap, Graham has been the Eagles best defensive end this season. It’s a shame it took half the season for Jim Washburn to figure out that Graham should be playing more. Graham’s forced fumble and recovery in the third quarter and slowed the Saints’ momentum.

Chris Polk

  The rookie running back has done virtually nothing on special teams all season, but he made the unit’s play of the season to that point when he forced a fumble in the third quarter. The Eagles offense couldn’t capitalize on Polk’s play, however, and had to settle for a field goal.