Davis: Defense set the edge, got job done

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis. (Matt Rourke/AP)

Defensive coordinator Billy Davis was buoyed by his unit's aggressive, physical play against the Redskins, but predictably, Davis said review of game film revealed a lot of things the Birds can work on.

Davis said starting corner Bradley Fletcher, who suffered a concussion Monday night, is day to day as the Eagles prepare for Sunday's game against the Redskins. If Fletcher can't play, slot corner Brandon Boykln will move outside, Davis said.

"It was a great effort and a great performance by the defense" at Washington, Davis said. "The plan going in was to take care of the running game, which is really what they're built off of, and I thought the guys did an excellent job of executing the plan. Now, within that were lots of mistakes and technique errors and things we need to work on and must improve."

"The outside 'backers did a great job of setting the edges and keeping the ball from getting outside, and the inside defensive linemen and 'backers and safeties really were gap-sound."

Davis acknowledged the Chargers' offense, led by quarterback Phillip Rivers, is very different from Washington's group.

"We've built the system to where, hopefully, it can handle the issues of the week," Davis said.He said this week's issues include a "great passing attack and a solid run game."

Most notably, the Chargers feature tight end Antonio Gates, but the Redskins' tight ends didn't do much against the Eagles, and Davis said the nature of the 3-4 makes covering tight ends less of an adventure than it might be. (And has been for the Eagles, seemingly forever., or since Carlos Emmons left town, a decade or so ago.)

Davis said "anybody can be a blitzer" in the Eagles' scheme "either through an active call or a check."

Davis said Cary Williams, who had an interception and a sack, "was so focused and intense, his footwork, his eyes, his hand placement" in Saturday's walkthrough, "you could just feel Cary was really amping up for this game, and taking care of the details ... it was a great leadership role that he took that others followed ... He played the way he practiced."