Aumont returns to Phils pen with positive outlook

Earlier this month, Phillippe Aumont was still adjusting to his first demotion from the big leagues to the minor leagues when he made some comments that drew some interest back in Philadelphia.

Aumont had the following to say to the Easton Express Times about mixed messages he felt he was getting from the organization:

"It's very, very confusing,' Aumont said. 'Baseball is a very confusing thing because you have so many people who have so many different perspectives on how to do things. At the major league level, (bullpen coach) Rod (Nichols) is telling me something, then I come down here (to Triple-A) and can hear different stuff. Which way do I go? Do I want to please the people while I'm down here right now or do I do the things the big league wants me to do even if I'm not doing the stuff they want me to do here?'"

Back in a Phillies uniform for the first time in a month - Aumont was recalled from Triple-A Lehigh Valley on Sunday - the reliever attempted to clarify his earlier remarks, which he felt were "mistranslated."

"The mixed messages was never an issue," Aumont said Monday at Petco Park. "It was put out as an issue, but it wasn’t. It was unfortunate it was sort of translated that way. I certainly felt bad. Especially for the people who were trying to help me. I didn’t like that. But it was mistranslated, in their words, because I just remember they were asking me how was it to go from here to there, and I just said I have to find a medium where I have to please everybody. ...  I felt bad. For a few days I felt like crap. This is not where I want to be. I’m the last guy who wants to go out there and point fingers… Not at all. But I made some phone calls and stuff and apologized. Stuff happens."

With Mike Adams possibly sidelined for a little while - he will see the same surgeon who performed Roy Halladay's surgery on Tuesday - Aumont has a chance to take his newfound optimistic approach into winning a spot in the back end of the bullpen if he can get his head in line with his arm. 


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