A collection of Carson Wentz stories

Eagles quarterbacks Carson Wentz, left, and Nick Foles, drill Monday morning, July 24, 2017 the first day of Eagles training camp at the NovaCare Complex.

In a little more than a year and a half, Carson Wentz has gone from being a relatively unknown quarterback from North Dakota State to the face of a franchise. Here is a collection of some stories that tell Wentz’s story, from his time in North Dakota to today, where he is the Eagles’ unquestioned leader.

January 29, 2016: The saga began at the Senior Bowl, when few Philadelphians were focused on the possibility of the Eagles being high enough in the draft to take somebody like Wentz. Les Bowen sat down with Wentz and his family to begin to tell his story:


May 8, 2016: Soon after the draft, Zach Berman travels to North Dakota to fill in the details of a young football life, with this as a typical observation: “As you get to know Carson, and people get to know Carson, that’s the best image of North Dakota you can get,” said Easton Stick, Wentz’s backup quarterback last season:


September 7, 2016: No one really expected what happened, with Sam Bradford getting traded to Minnesota right before the start of the regular season and Wentz being immediately thrown into the fire. Jeff McLane tells the story of how the Eagles got him ready to start the season:


Camera icon David Maialetti
Carson Wentz and the Eagles start training camp on Monday, July 24. The following Saturday will be the first of two practices that are open to the public. DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer

December 28, 2016: A long year, with ups and downs and bumps and bruises — but Wentz started every game, and that fact alone meant something:


December 29, 2016: Growth and leadership are amorphous terms, true enough. Here is an attempt by Les Bowen to talk to coaches and teammates and assess where Wentz stood at the season’s end:


Camera icon dave the wave
Eagles’ Carson Wentz, center, scrambles away from pressure from Dallas in the 1st quarter. Philadelphia Eagles play the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field on January 1, 2017. DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer

February 2, 2017: NFL players often attend the Super Bowl to take care of sponsorship obligations, and to have some fun. Wentz did that, too, but also took time out to make a point:


March 30, 2017: A coach and his quarterback are essentially married. At least, their fates typically are. Jeff McLane writes that it is no different for Wentz and Eagles coach Doug Pederson: