Eagles line moves to 8

Update: Our friend Dave Staley of sportsbook.com informs us that the Eagles-Redskins line has moved to Birds (minus-8). When we spoke to Dave last week, it was Eagles (minus-7). But a lot of money seems to be coming in on the Birds. Currently, 88 percent of the action on sportsbook.com is on the Eagles to cover.

Some links to pass along as we wait for Monday night:

** Danny Amendola had five catches for 39 yards Sunday in the Rams' loss against the Colts. He has 13 catches in the past three weeks. Too bad the Eagles couldn't keep Amendola, who spent training camp here and was signed to the practice squad. He'd provide some nice depth, given the way their receiver situation has unfolded.

** Did you notice which ex-Eagle helped lift the Cardinals over the Giants yesterday? How about former third-round pick Matt Ware. He knocked the ball out of Ahmad Bradshaw's grasp when the Giants were driving in the fourth quarter. Ware was best known here for his 65-yard game-winning touchdown return on a blocked field goal against the Chargers back in 2005.

** More ammo for those of you in the "Just run the damn ball, Andy!" corner. The Jets ran it 54 times for 316 yards in their 38-0 win over the Raiders yesterday. They threw it just 15 times. A week before, the Eagles threw it 46 times and ran it 14 (including two by Donovan McNabb).

** Hank Baskett had his first catch with the Colts, a 5-yarder against St. Louis.

** Could A.J. Feeley's chance be coming in Carolina? Jake Delhomme was intercepted three times in the Panthers' loss to the Bills Sunday. Per the Charlotte Observer, coach John Fox would not commit to Delhomme for the first time all season.

"Like all positions, we'll evaluate it and whatever changes we need to make, we'll make," he said.

** SI.com's Peter King has the Eagles 14th in his Fine Fifteen, but he does have the Eagles winning tonight:

You know, maybe Michael Vick is just a lousy option quarterback. Maybe. But I still think the Eagles have to find a way to make Vick more of a factor, perhaps starting tonight against Washington. It's on Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg.

** The Cowboys might have themselves a wide receiver. Miles Austin has 421 yards in his last two games.

** We wrote about the Giants' loss to the Cardinals after the game yesterday. I also DVR'd the game and hope to watch it and provide notes before Sunday.

** Yesterday, we took a glance at national opinion on tonight's game. And a reminder that we'll be live chatting at 8:15.

** And finally, my pick. The Eagles' offensive line concerns me. A brutal performance last week, and now they've got a couple guys banged up (Jason Peters and Nick Cole) and are counting on Todd Herremans to have success right away. Plus you've got a new middle linebacker on defense, which could be a good thing, but I'm not sure he'll be able to have an impact instantly. I think the Birds win ugly, and the Redskins cover the 7-point spread. Let's say Eagles 17, Redskins 13.