Ward, Houshmandzadeh updates

The insanity that comes with following NFL free agency in an online world has continued.

Just a couple hours ago, we posted about Giants running back Derrick Ward and Bengals receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

And already, there have been developments on both fronts.

Let's start with Ward. In the earlier entry, we cited reports from NationalFootballPost.com and The Denver Post, saying Ward had visited with the Eagles. However, Mike Florio of profootballtalk.com reports that Ward has not been in Philadelphia. Once we have a confirmation or denial from the folks at The Inquirer or Daily News, we'll let you know what the deal is.

Mike Garafolo of The Newark Star-Ledger says Ward was looking for a multi-year deal worth $3 million per season to stay with the Giants, but New York turned him down. The PewterReport.com and profootballtalk.com both report that Ward's next stop will be Tampa to visit with the Bucs.

And now on to Houshmandzadeh. The Vikings are apparently pulling out all the stops to land the Bengals wide receiver. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that Houshmandzadeh is currently in Minnesota and his agent is actively working on a contract with the Vikings. Per the article, the Eagles are out of the running, the Seahawks are a long-shot, and it will likely come down to the Vikings or the Bengals.

Two quick notes:

1. I have written "Houshmandzadeh" so much at this point that spelling it without looking it up is a breeze. How many other people in the country can say that?

2. Thanks to reader Anthony for pointing out the conflicting Ward reports. Continue to e-mail me if you see something the group would be interested in.

More updates are sure to follow later tonight so keep checking back.

UPDATE: At 7:15 p.m., ESPN's John Clayton confirmed that Houshmandzadeh is deciding between the Seahawks, Vikings and Bengals. According to Clayton, he's still expected to make a decision Sunday night.

UPDATE TWO: Houshmandzadeh's decision will not come Sunday, according to The Star-Tribune. Per the blog post, Houshmandzadeh is spending the night in Minnesota and contemplating offers from the Vikings, Bengals and Seahawks.

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