Vick: 'I understand what I'm supposed to be doing'

Michael Vick spoke with the media today at Eagles training camp. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

After the morning practice, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick addressed the media about his brief in-person session with comissioner Roger Goodell last night.

"We had a great conversation; we’re on the same page now," Vick said. "I understand everything that I am supposed to be doing and that I’m out here to do, and it was a great meeting.”

Vick was asked if there were things that he did understand previously from his earlier interactions with Goodell.

“There weren’t even differences, from a general understanding from before," he said. "Just some things that I did that I felt like wasn’t part of our plan, and that’s why I was disappointed. So we just got back on the same page and back on the right track, and him letting me know what his expectations are for me.”

In its statement, the league sad Vick would be held to a "higher standard" and would be required to take additional steps, although those steps were not released.


Asked what that meant to him, Vick said, “Exactly what you said, a higher standard, in every place of my life. So it’s no problem, no biggie, I’m a changed man anyway so that’s going to be easy.”

Goodell also said the league would make available to Vick additional support options, presumably including extending his mentoring relationship with Tony Dungy.


“I always welcome extra support," Vick said. "I’ll take it and I’ll use it to my advantage. Whether I need it or not, based on how I feel and what my expectations are for myself and for my family, I think it will be an extra thing I have in my back pocket, but for the most part I’m going to walk the walk.”

One phrase that came up during Jeffrey Lurie's press conference was his use of the term "zero tolerance" in relation to Vick last year.


“It’s not difficult living a zero tolerance life, you’ve got guys walking around doing it every day, you’ve got the other 52 guys on the team doing the same thing," Vick said. "Living a life that they are suppose to lead, enjoying themselves, and doing the right thing, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s not hard to live a zero tolerance life, you just put yourself in the right positions at all times and think through situations thoroughly.”


Vick declined to answer questions about the night of the shooting at his birthday party in Virginia Beach.


“Everything was put out there on the table from the beginning," he said. "Any questions about football I will answer but any questions pertaining to what happened that night I won’t answer because I’m trying to move forward, and I feel like I’ve already answered those questions.”

Vick said he is trying to do the "right things" on the field and in the community and, "I had the most fun in the last year than I’ve had in the last eight years I’ve been playing football."