Social media reacts to Dallas Green’s death

Baseball Games NL Playoff 1980 Philadelphia  vs Houston Game1
Philadelphia Phillies manager Dallas Green, center, is hugged by Coach Ruben Amaro, left, and congratulated by first baseman Pete Rose, right, after the Phillies took the National League title in Houston Sunday, Oct. 13, 1980. (AP Photo)

The death of Dallas Green, the first manager to lead the Phillies to a World Series championship, has led to tributes across social media.

Ned Colletti, former general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, expressed his admiration for the man.

From the Phillies:

From current players:

From past players:

From relatives of Green’s most famous pupils:

From our former reporters:

Some remembered the worst day of Green's life:

Most rememberd his best:

And, per usual, the parody account said it best: